Dubai Visa from Jordan

Why didn’t you still apply your Dubai tourist visa from Jordan? It is absolutely quite simple to get done Dubai visa for Jordanians when you do it with Arabiers. Let’s have a look on Arabiers latest updated step by step guide on Dubai visas. This page will give you the gist of how to apply a Dubai visa for Jordan passport holders, Which and which Dubai visa types Jordan nationals can apply, Dubai visits visa prices and an overall idea about the whole Dubai visa process when applying from Jordan. Even for Dubai residents this page may find equally informative guide to bring your beloved to closer to you from Jordan.

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Do I need a visa from Jordan to Dubai?

If you are holding a Jordan passport, then it’s a yes. Jordan passport holders are required to have a pre-approved visa prior to their arrival to Dubai. That means, Jordanians are not getting on- arrival visa in Dubai airport when you present your passport issued from Kingdom of Jordan. Thus, obtaining your visit visa to Dubai is the first thing in advance you should do when planning your Dubai trip. Arabiers team expertise in applying Jordan passport holders Dubai tourist visas and get it ready fastest possible. Doesn’t matter are you an organized traveller or a last-minute mess, everybody can get their visas on time from Arabiers.

Dubai Visa Price from Jordan

Here is the Dubai visit visa Price for Jordan applicants depends on different visa types and how long the visa validity. Early birds and also last minute preparators all can get their visas through Arabiers from Jordan.

Pick the right visa for you from he below options:

Normal processing

30 Days single entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

2-3 working days

JOD 95

489 AED

60 Days single entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

2-3 working days

JOD 133

689 AED

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

2-3 working days

JOD 192

990 AED

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

2-3 working days

JOD 230

1190 AED

Last minute preparators: Urgent visa (4-8 hours)

Express processing

60 Days single entry dubai visa

30 Days

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

4 - 8 hours

JOD 95

789 AED

60 Days single entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

4 - 8 hours

JOD 133

989 AED

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

30 Days

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

4 - 8 hours

JOD 192

1290 AED

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

4 - 8 hours

JOD 230

1490 AED

Types of Visas to Dubai from Jordan

Dubai Tourist visa types that Jordan passport holders can opt as follows:

As the name denote 30 Days prepaid single-entry visa, a Jordan passport holding applicant should apply prior and get the approval before presenting his/her passport to the immigration officer or e-gate entry point. Usually, electronic visa copy of an approved 30 days visa shows the validity period of 60 days which is being given to utilise the approved visa from the date of its approval. Your arrival date to United Arab Emirates must be lay in-between this validity period. From particular date you enter Dubai, considering entry date as 1st date of stay, 30 days will be counting consecutively. In accordance with the existing rule of UAE, 30 days tourist visas are not included any additional grace period. Therefore, you need to plan your stay wisely to avoid overstay penalties in-case you are hoping to stay longer in UAE beyond 30 days.

You can extend 30 days tourist visa for two times, each 30 days extension. If not, you can ultimately convert the visa status to a resident visa or an inside country tourist visa without exiting Dubai. Arabiers will tell you more about visa renewal options in later topis.

Jordan nationals who are expecting to stay in Dubai bit longer than a month, definitely should go for 60 days Single entry visa which permits a continuous stay nearly for 2 months. This visa type is a great choice of those who visiting Dubai for job search or visiting family. Generally, approved electronic visa copy printed with 60 days Validity period where you must enter United Arab Emirates on a selected date within the given 60 days before it expires. Upon entering Dubai, you can enjoy stay up to consecutive 60 days. Similar to 30 days visa, 60 days single entry visa does not have extra days to stay as grace period. Hence, you will have to count the days carefully to avoid overstay fines and unexpected absconding.

To stay more legally, again you can extend 60 days Single entry visa prepaid visa for twice. Each extension will grant you 30 days to stay further. Otherwise, you can change the visa status to resident visa or new prepaid tourist visa without leaving Dubai. Inquire Arabiers team to know more details.

This is a limited visa available to obtain for those who expect to stay in Dubai nearly 3 months. It’s a single-entry visa which you can seldom stay in Dubai with your beloved came from Jordan. Arabiers can sponsor for this visa type. Get in touch with Arabiers to apply a 90 days tourist visa to a Jordanian passport applicant. We will get it done for you!

Those who are coming to Dubai from Jordan with the intension of traveling back and forth making several ins and outs during 30 days’ time, then Prepaid 30 days Multiple entry visa would be ideal. Rather than applying single entry visas few times, at once obtaining a multiple entry visa is a great time saver. Also, you can pre- plan your travel itinerary without any headache when Dubai multiple entry visa already in hand.

UAE 30 Days Multiple entry visa format includes the Validity period of 60 days -which specify the time frame from the date the visa been approved. Within the validity visa holder must enter United Arab Emirates and without a limit you can come in to Dubai and go out of Dubai within 30 days started from very first entry date using the visa.

Specially for those who visiting Dubai and going to another country from Dubai; for instance, from Jordan to Dubai you visit your family or friends, then going with them for a week pilgrimage of umrah and you can return to Dubai stress-freely. Even your can go any other country or back to Jordan and enter again Dubai using the same exact visa.

30 days Multiple entry visa also can be extended for single entry 30 days in to two times. Also, Jordan passport holders can convert visa status to residence visa or another prepaid tourist visa while remain in Dubai. Get it touch with Arabiers team to know what are the best Dubai visa renewal options available for Jordanians.

A Jordan passport applicant who is applying for Dubai Multiple entry 60 days visa, will either intend to visit Dubai more than once within the coming 60 days’ time from the first entry date to Dubai. Perhaps, it could be few business trips or multi destination holiday plan including few Dubai entries over two months, you have the ease of enjoying a single visa to use multiple times.

This multiple entry visa also follows the same visa format as the other visa types with a validity of 60 days allowed from the visa approval date to utilise the visa for the first time. Multiple Visa holder has to enter UAE using his/her Jordan passport before this validity expires. Once entered UAE 1st time – that date will be considered as the 1st date of 60 days stay period and during it can do the Dubai entry and exit any number of times.

60 Days Multiple entry visa stay too can be extended twice for 30 days single entry stays each. However, you may also have chance to choose other visa change options amid your further needs and plans of retaining longer in Dubai.

Dubai Visa Documents Requirements for Jordanian

Back in days preparing documents for applying visa was a crucial task. But, Arabiers makes it simpler.

Adhering to the international travel standards and UAE immigration department requirements Jordan passport holder when applying Dubai tourist visa, need to provide the below document only:

  • Clearly visible colour scanned copy or picture of Passport details page (validity at least 6 months from the expected travel date)
  • Colour photograph
  • Child applicant - Birth certificate copy

Visa Application Process to Dubai from Jordan

Arabiers understands well what exactly you expect when you get connected from Jordan to apply a Dubai visa. Our visa processing service is more convenient and transparent just from time you say ‘Hi

Whatsapp us
Step 1

WhatsApp us

Dubai visa from Jordan
Step 2

Ask us your questions, Get Quick Replies

Provide us passport
Step 3

3. Provide us your passport & photo

Get your Dubai visa within 24-48 hrs
Step 4

Visa payment using preferred payment method (local/ international) Dubai visa in hand within 24-48 hrs!

If you are in a too hurry to come to Dubai (3-8 Hours) you can try our UAE Express visa option

Grace Period for Dubai Visa from Jordan

No, Jordan passport holders are not getting any free days in Dubai visit visa other than the number of days permitted by the 30 days or 60 days visa which you already obtained.

As per the Dubai immigration department enforcements since mid-2023, Dubai Single entry and Multiple entry 30 days visa and 60 days visas are no longer getting any additional days as grace period for the tourist visa holders. It’s important to carefully count your days after arrival from Jordan to Dubai and pre-plan whether to extend the visas or exit Dubai on time preventing overstays, overstay penalties and potential consequences of absconding and deporting.

Dubai Visa Extensions for Jordan Citizen

Dubai Visa for Oman Citizen Extension

Having said that Dubai tourist visa holders not getting any additional free days as grace period, still a Jordan passport holder’s Dubai tourist visa is possible to extend or renew to stay longer than the original visa.


Dubai visit visa can be extended for single entry 30 days for 2 times, that means if you are currently having Arabiers sponsored 30/60 days single / multiple entry visa, we can get you an extension for same visa.

In a scenario where your visa expires as a visitor in Dubai, you may have to decide if you want to extend your visa or exit from the country. Once the visa period is over, you will start getting fined for overstaying your visa. You will be fined 50 AED (9.66 JOD) for each day you overstay your UAE visit visa.And also you have to pay 48-68 JOD (250-350 AED) as exist charge at the clearance of the overstay fine.

If you are currently in Dubai:

  • on a 30 days Single entry visa - can extend this visa for 1st extension single entry 30 days and 2nd extension single entry 30 days
  • on a 60 days Single entry visa - can extend this visa for 1st extension single entry 30 days and 2nd extension single entry 30 days
  • on a 30 days Multiple entry visa - can extend this visa for 1st extension single entry 30 days and 2nd extension single entry 30 days
  • on a 60 days Multiple entry visa - can extend this visa for 1st extension single entry 30 days and 2nd extension single entry 30 days
30 days uae tourist visa extension

30 Days

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Same tourist visa extension

JOD 230

1190 AED

Renewal Process of Dubai Visa from Jordan

Jordan passport holders who are currently in Dubai on a tourist visa or Jordan passport holders whose resident visas got cancelled can renew their visas though Arabiers Dubai visa renewal process available for Jordanians.

Without exit – inside the country renewal with status change

Enjoy your stay further in Dubai without going anywhere, we will extend your visa for another 90 days just in 2-5 days’ processing time

30 days renewal

90 Days

In country Renewal

In country Renewal

JOD 712

3690 AED

With exit – Airport to Airport exit visa renewal

You can exit from a selected UAE airport on a scheduled flight for visa renewal in Dubai. Flight tickets and urgent visa to re-enter using your Jordan passport.

30 days renewal

30 Days

In country Renewal

A2A Visa Renewal

JOD 288

1490 AED

In country Renewal

60 Days

60 days renewal

A2A Visa Renewal

JOD 327

1690 AED

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Jordanians

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for jordan

Overstay in Dubai is considered as a violation of law. Overstaying beyond the days granted by a visa is actually subjective to penalties and subsequent consequences. Despite of which nationality, everyone including Jordanians those who violate the Dubai visa regulations while on tourist visa are needing to clear the regal penalties before they leave Dubai, UAE.

As per the existing fines system, here are the overstay fine amounts imposed to the Violators. Note that you will be able to clear the overstay fines under your Jordan passport only if there is no abscond submitted by the visa sponsor when you are reaching the immigration for exit. As, far as no abscond case filed you will be able to get the system violation cleared by paying all the fees.

These are the important details regarding Dubai visa overstaying fines for Jordanians:

Each Consecutive Day

JOD 09.66

50 AED

At the clearance - Exit Pass

JOD 48-68

250-350 AED

Dubai Embassy in Jordan

Dubai Embassy in Jordan

Website: Click here


Address in Jordan :Floor One, Jawdat Rashid Shmma Street - Oman Mountain, P.O. Box 2623, 11181, Amman, Jordan.

Phone: +962-6-5934780,+962-6-5934781 ,+962-6-5934782

Fax: +962-6-5933888, +962-6-5932666

Dubai Embassy in Jordan

Top Jordanian Restaurants in Dubai

Authentic Jordanian cuisines are real feast for the tastebuds. When you are in Dubai to recall the homely Jordanian tastes of rice, favourite meats and lamb garnished native herbs and spices, here are some Top-rated restaurants you might love to dine.

1. Jordanian Kitchen Restaurant JLT

Jordanian Kitchen Restaurant JLT

An exceptional Jordanian food restaurant quite famous for Traditional Mansaf and Kufta. Jordanian Kitchen Restaurant is situated at elegant Jumeirah Lake towers.

Location : Cluster 02, Residence - Jumeirah Lake Towers - Dubai

2. Gazania Arabic Restaurant

Gazania Arabic Restaurant

Touch of Arabic tastes and Jordanian food specialized for Gazania restaurant. You might find your favourite Jordanian style dishes here.

Location : Al Sufouh - Dubai Knowledge Park

3. Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe

Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe

Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Café is a Jordanian restaurant located in Al Fahidi Dubai with appealing Arabic style mixed Jordanian theme. You might love to try their food when you are in Dubai.

Location : Bastakiya Opposite Musalla Post Office - Al Fahidi St - Bur Dubai - Al Fahidi - Dubai

4. Al Iwan

Al Iwan

Al Iwan is a special Arabian buffet restaurant got its rich looking thrilling atmosphere with a great sea view. You can try all types of Jordanian high-end dishes as well as authentic Arabic cuisines over here.

Location : First Floor, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Rd. - Dubai

5. Rawabina Restaurant & Sweets

Rawabina Restaurant & Sweets

Rawabina Restaurant & Sweets is one of the top-rated Jordanian restaurants that you may interested to check out. Local cuisines as well sweets available in their menu.

Location : Sheikh Rashid Rd, Dubai

How many Hours Flight from Jordan to Dubai & Major Airlines Operating flights to Dubai?

Dubai Visa from Jordan

Want to know how far is Dubai from Jordan?

Jordan to Dubai is nearly 03h flying hours away if you take a direct flight.

Depends on your budget if you reserve a flight itinerary with a stopover then the total travel time may vary accordingly to reach Dubai which is your final destination.

Aerial Distance = 2027 KM

Airport Code = Amman airport (AMM) to Dubai (DXB)
Aqaba airport (AQJ) to Dubai (DXB)

Cheapest direct flight price : JOD 132.50 (AED 686.43)

Cheapest return ticket price : JOD 249.70 (AED 1293.63)

Major Airlines Operation:

1. Royal Jordanian Airlines

Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian Airlines considered as the national air passenger carrier of kingdom of Jordan. They successfully operate daily flights to Dubai and 49 other destinations from Amman. This is one of the top five punctual airlines best on time performance world ranking.

2. Emirates Airlines


Emirates Airlines is the national carrier of Emirate of Dubai. It operates daily flights nearly around would 150 destinations successfully. Jordanians can directly fly to Dubai through the Emirates Airlines from Amman and Aqaba airports.

3. Fly Dubai

Fly Dubai

Fly Dubai is a government owned lower cost air passenger carrier operates to more than 123 destinations. Jordanians can book direct flight from Amman to Dubai international airport.

4. Jazeera Airways

Gulf Air

Jazeera Airways is a Kuwait based lower cost airline successfully operate across 55 destinations including Dubai. Amman to Dubai you can book flights with one stop in Kuwait. (Not direct fight)

5. Gulf Air

Gulf Air

Gulf air is the national carrier of the kingdom of Bahrain. They operate daily to nearly 60 destinations including Dubai. Amman to Dubai flights is usually with on stop at Bahrain. (Not direct flight)

6. Saudia


Saudia is Saudi Arabian Airlines which is the national carrier of Saudi Arabia. It operates flights from Jeddah and Riyadh to more than 100 destinations. You can book Amman to Dubai flight with 1stop over in Saudi Arabia (Not direct fight)

7. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Etihad airways is the national carrier of Abu Dhabi and one of the two national airlines from United Arab Emirates. Etihad has expanded its network of flights around 77 destinations in the world. From Jordan you can book a flight to Abu Dhabi as a direct / transit flight and From Abu Dhabi you can opt for airport shutter bus service to reach Dubai. Not only that but also you can take airport transfer service or a taxi or even a train from Abu Dhabi to Dubai without any hustle.

8. Air Arabia

Air Arabia

Air Arabia is Emirati owned Lower cost airline which is the first ever lower cost airline start operations in middle east. This airline operates daily flights to above 81 destinations for relatively cheaper price from Sharjah, UAE. Air Arabia. Since, Sharjah is located adjacent to Dubai, from Jordan booking a direct flight to Sharjah and taking a Bus or airport transfer might be a good option.

9. Wizz air

Wizz air

Wizz Air is a lower cost airline originated from Hungary. They operate international passenger flights from Amman to Abu Dhabi international airport. If you’re hoping to stay in Dubai, after entering United Arab Emirates from Abu Dhabi airport you can travel to Dubai by Bus or using airport transfers or booking a taxi or by train.

10. Oman air

Oman air

Oman Air is the national carrier of Sultanate of Oman which is operated from Muscat. It’s network of international passenger flights spread across nearly 44 destinations around the world. Oman air is an affordable airline which you select to book your journey from Jordan to Dubai. Oman air flight itinerary are is also consist with transit in Oman before you reach your final destination in Dubai. (Not direct flight)

11. Kuwait Air

Kuwait Air

Kuwait Air is the national carrier to State of Kuwait. It operates daily international passenger flights from Kuwait to 52 destinations worldwide. Jordanians can book their Dubai flight ticket in Kuwait air which may consist with an itinerary of Amman to Dubai via layover in Kuwait. (Not direct flight)

12. Air Cairo

Air Cairo

Air Cairo is a Cairo based airline operated from Egypt. You might find lower fare flight tickets for the international travel from Jordan to Dubai in this airline. The itinerary will contain layover in between the journey from Amman to Dubai.

13. Egypt Air

Egypt Air

Egypt air is the national carrier of Arab Republic of Egypt. It has flight operations across 81 destinations in the world for international travellers. From Amman airport daily Egypt air flights taking off to reach Dubai with one or more transit stay.

14. Jordan Aviation

Jordan Aviation

Jordan based privately owned lower cost airline which operate both domestic and international flights from Amman. Amman to Sharjah international air passenger flights is been operated successfully for lowest air fare. When your last destination is Dubai, once you arrived to Sharjah airport you will have to take a Bus or Airport transfer Or Taxi to reach Dubai.

15. Flynas


Flynas is a Lower cost air passenger carrier from Saudi Arabia. It operates flights to Amman airport with connecting flights other flight operators. If you have a lowest budget then this might be an option to travel from Jordan to Dubai. You will have to be prepared to wait at stopover in Saudi and shift Aircrafts in a transit with the designated airline partners such as Fly Dubai/ in order to reach your final destination Dubai.

Jobs in Dubai for Jordanians

Everybody knows Dubai is a business hub and it has plenty of job opportunities in all competitive fields. Even though Dubai is located in Arabic region which speak Arabic, you must be equipped with the knowledge and fluency in International linking languages such as English to suit the job market over here. Apart from your educational qualifications, your interpersonal skills will be highly regarded in Dubai. Here you can see some of the well-off jobs in Dubai for Jordanians.

1. Customer service Jobs

Jordanians who are well speaking Arabic, English and also some other international languages such as French, German, Russian are highly qualified for most of the high-end customer services Jobs in multiple fields in Dubai. Apply if this suits your Job profile.

2. Tour Guides

Dubai tourism always needs young energetic personalities to guide the tourists while engaging with them to explore Dubai history, culture, development and endless entertainments. Jordanians has good opportunity in tourism sector when it comes to all type of tours. If you can get a Tour Guide license in Dubai to assist tourists, you will love this job.

3. Pre-school teachers, School teachers, Collage professors

Dubai is a place for standard education with internationals level standards. There are well reputed Government and private owned educational institutions, colleges and universities in Dubai that has vacancies for Jordan nationals.

4. Project managers and Quantity surveyors

Dubai has large number of new development projects which require skilled Project managers and Quantity surveyors who can manage, foresee and plan well. Jordanians has good opportunities in this job segment.

5. Geologist and Earth resource engineers

Research and development a part of Dubai economic development, so geologists are highly paid to do the findings under the sea and land. Well paid job with better contribution to the further development of United Arab Emirates.

6. Real estate brokers

Dubai Real estate projects are having vacancies for Real estate brokers to sell and rent properties for clients. Depends on sales targets you can achieve good commissions and progress in your career in Dubai. Real estate brokering is one of the idea jobs for Jordan nationals lives in Dubai.

7. Surgeon and specialized doctors

Dubai connects the world by inviting all nationals around the world. In order to cater them with best medical facilities both in Government and Private health care services, there is high demand for well trained and experienced Surgeons and Specialized doctors in Dubai. With your qualifications obtained in Jordan you can serve Dubai.

8. Models and Artists

Dubai has wide range of modelling assessments for large number of fashion and brands. Jordanians can take up your modelling career portfolio to make your self a professional in your career as a model and artist.

Other trending job vacancies are available in Dubai for below professions:

  • Air-condition technicians and motor mechanics
  • Aeronautical engineers and aviation field
  • Cutting edge technology experts and air and space researchers
  • Information technology, Web developers, soft wear engineers, SEO engineer and Graphic designers
  • Banking, financial and share market
  • Construction engineers and construction workers
  • Legal advices and international trading consultants


Yes, you can travel to Dubai from Jordan. You have to have a valid e-visa granted prior to presence at Dubai immigration/ e-gate entry point. Based on your purpose you can purchase Short term or long term visa of Single entry 30 days / 60 days / 90 days visit visa or Multiple entry visa 30 days /60 days Dubai visa.

When you are holding a Jordan passport, you will be applying visa to Dubai as a Jordanian even though you might not hoping travel to Dubai from Jordan but from another country airport . After visa approval under your passport, you can travel to Dubai from any airport in the world using your approved valid Dubai visa.

Applying Dubai visa from Jordan is not harder as Arabiers will do everything related your Dubai visa online and get you the e-visa to your What’s app and email. You just need to provide us the colour copy of Passport page, a photo and the payment. We will send you the approved visa copy fastest possible. Normal visa processing is 24-48 hours and urgent visas will be ready just in 2-4 hours’ time.

Jordanians who are in Dubai or Jordan and any part of the world, seeking to apply Dubai visa for a Jordanian will follow the same procedure when Arabiers processing the Dubai tourist visa. You just need to whatsapp or email the documents and do the payment and receive you visa copies instantly online.

Some of the main reasons why your Dubai visa may have been rejected are as follows:

  • Previous rejection history
  • Security violations in home country, UAE or another country
  • Unclear passport copies and photo
  • Less validity in passport
  • Fake document submission
  • Applicant is not in accepted age and no proper proof of background reference
  • Applicants is from restricted territories due to immigration security
  • System errors
  • Single name passport (as per the international standards)

Normal processing – Usually 24-48 hours

  • Single entry 30 days visa – 489 AED
  • Single entry 60 days visa– 689 AED
  • Single entry 90 days visa -1590 AED
  • 30 days Multiple entry visa – 990 AED
  • 60 days Multiple entry visa – 1190 AED

Express processing – Usually 2-8 hours

  • Single entry 30 days Urgent visa – 789AED
  • Single entry 60 days Urgent visa – 989 AED
  • Single entry 90 days Urgent visa -1890 AED
  • 30 days Multiple entry Urgent visa – 1290 AED
  • 60 days Multiple entry Urgent visa – 1490 AED

When you already have a valid job offer or a business establishment in Dubai, migrating from Jordan to Dubai is not a dream. When you planning to reside in Dubai, Valid resident visa, Emirates ID and Dubai driving license and bank account will be essential. In order to get your resident visa all attested documents including education certificates, experience letters are important. Also, if your family migrating to Dubai, then their birth certificates, marriage certificate must be attested by the foreign ministry of Jordan and United Arab Emirates embassy in Jordan. International driving license might help you to drive in Dubai for sometime but its better to obtain your Dubai driver’s license as a resident.

As long as you are holding a valid work visa in Dubai under your Jordan passport, you can work in Dubai. You cannot work in Dubai while you are on a tourist visa. When you are on visit/ tourist visa you can search jobs and face interviews but when you join the work, the employer should provide you a labour contract and employment visa to legalize your employment with them.