Dubai Visa from Algeria

Update - 08th June, 2023

The luxurious experiences in Dubai await you! If you plan to take a trip to Dubai from Algeria in the coming holidays, we are here to help you with all your visa-related queries. Explore our guide to learn how to obtain a Dubai visa for Algeria. Since Dubai is a part of the UAE, you need to secure a visit visa for UAE to travel to all the exotic places that this city of Gold is known for. In this guide, we have also shared some of the top Algerian restaurants in Dubai so you can visit them during your trip if you miss the food from back home! Keep on reading.

Do I need a visa from Algeria to Dubai?

Algerian passport holders are ineligible to get an on-arrival visa to Dubai. Hence, obtaining a prepaid UAE visit visa is crucial that would let them take entry into Dubai. This visa will be prepaid, and you will have to get it before your trip to the UAE.

Dubai Visa Price from Algeria

Are you looking for information about the visit visa cost to Dubai from Algeria?

Find below the Dubai visa for Algeria price list that will come helpful to you.

30 Days single entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Algerian Dinar 18108

489 AED

60 Days single entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Algerian Dinar 25622.31

689 AED

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Algerian Dinar 36659

990 AED

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Algerian Dinar 44065

1190 AED

Types of Visa To Dubai From Algeria

Below you will find out the different types of Dubai visa for Algeria passport holder that you can apply for as per your needs.


The single entry prepaid visit visa for Algerian citizens in Dubai is valid for 30 days. It contains information about the entry and exit dates per your visa issuance. Before the visa valid period is getting over you have to renew your visit visa or exit the country to avoid paying hefty fines for overstay.

Contact Arabiers on WhatsApp to get to know about visa renewal methods as in-country visa renewal is not available anymore.

Do you plan to stay in the UAE for a significant amount of time to explore the entire country or attend an event, like a wedding or business training? The single-entry 60-day prepaid visit visa would be the ideal visit visa choice for you as an Algerian citizen visiting Dubai. You can extend this prepared visit visa by contacting our team members at Arabiers.

If you have to enter and exit the UAE various times during your stay, you can opt for this multiple entry prepaid visit visa of 30 days. It lets you enter and exit the UAE multiple times, but it doesn't come with a grace period stay. Get in touch with the team at Arabiers to know about your options to extend or renew your stay in the UAE.

This multiple entry visa with 60 days long validity period is for those of you who want to stay in the UAE for a larger period of time with an option to enter and exit the country many times, as per your needs. It is a prepaid visa without any additional grace period offered to you.

Dubai Visa Documents Requirements for Algerian Residents

The important documents required for a Dubai visa for Algeria are the same as any international travel. These are the basic documents you will require:

  • One colour photograph
  • At Least 6 months of valid passport
  • Birth certificates of children below 18 years of age.

Visa Application Process to Dubai from Algeria

Here is an easy to follow breakdown of the Dubai visa process that will tell you all about how to apply for a Dubai visa from Algeria and receive it from our team:

Whatsapp us
Step 1

WhatsApp us

Dubai visa from Algeria
Step 2

Get a Quick Reply

Provide us passport
Step 3

3. Please Provide us with a picture of your passport & photo

Get your Dubai visa within 24-48 hrs
Step 4

Get your Dubai visa within 24-48 hrs!

Grace Period for Dubai Visa from Algeria

In a recent development, the UAE immigration has eliminated the grace period previously provided to prepaid visit visa holders, which typically lasted for 10 days. Individuals now can opt for prepaid visas with durations of either 30 or 60 days. It is crucial for visa holders to be aware that once their chosen duration expires, they must take immediate action to either extend their visa or depart the country in order to prevent penalties for overstaying or the potential consequences of absconding.

Dubai Visa for Algeria Citizen Extension

Dubai Visa for Algeria Citizen Extension

Have you just noticed that your visit visa from Algeria to Dubai is expiring or nearing its expiration date? Don't fret because we are here to help you out in this situation. Going by the latest laws that have been passed by the UAE visa systems, you need to exit the country of the UAE in order to extend your visit visa. There are two simple methods of obtaining a visa extension in this scenario, through an Oman Visa run or the Airport To Airport Visa Method.

Has your Dubai visit visa already expired? There is nothing to worry about! If you have a single entry prepaid visit visa for Dubai, you will still have an additional 10 days of grace period to extend or renew your visa on time, going with the methods we have mentioned above. Kindly note that the grace period is only available with a single-entry prepaid visa which has a validity of 30 days. Once your grace period is over, you will be liable to pay a fine for the overstay of your visa in the United Arab Emirates. You will be fined AED 50 (Algerian Dinar 1,866.99) on your first day of overstay, and AED 25 (Algerian Dinar 933.50) for each consecutive day of the overstay.

Renewal Process of Visa from Algeria to Dubai

Individuals who are living in or visiting the United Arab Emirates can renew their visas with two easy-to-follow methods prior to their visit visa expiration date. One can also opt to renew their prepaid Dubai visit visa during the 10-day grace period which is given to them with the 30-day single-entry Dubai visa. The two available methods of visa renewal are the Oman visa run and the airport-to-airport method. Our customer service team at Arabiers can help you with both options to extend your stay in Dubai. Connect with the Arabiers team on WhatsApp for further details.

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Algerian Residents

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Algeria

You should be aware that the government of the UAE has the right to fine a person in their country who has overstayed their prepaid visit visas to Dubai. However, they choose not to take any action or blacklist people from visiting the UAE who overstay their visit visas since they know that people generally overstay their visas due to negligible reasons. People with a single entry prepaid visit visa of 30 day period are eligible to get an additional 10-day long stay in Dubai. In between this grace period, they can choose to extend their Dubai visit visa with the help of Arabiers - Oman visa run or airport-to-airport method or leave the UAE as per the last date of their visa.

If an individual fails to comply with these choices offered to them by the government of the UAE, their stay within the country will be considered an overstay of their visit visa and the government can start to fine them for the same immediately. Here is a list that will tell you everything about the visit visa overstaying fines for Algeria citizens in Dubai.

Each Consecutive Day

Algerian Dinar 1859

50 AED

At the clearance/Exit

Algerian Dinar 9298 - 13018

250 - 350 AED

Dubai Embassy in Algeria

If you need any help or official interventions related to Dubai travel visas, you can get in touch with the Dubai embassy, which is based in Algeria. Find the address, phone number, and other details of the Dubai embassy below :

Website: Click here


Address in Istanbul :20, Ahmad Dararni Street, Bareed district, Hydra, Algiers

Phone: +0021323473978, +0021323473924


Dubai Embassy in Algeria

Top Algerian Restaurants in Dubai

With a blend of Mediterranean, French, and North African flavours, the rich Algerian Cuisine is a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure that you should explore at least once in your lifetime! The famous couscous which is loved all around the globe originates from Algerian cuisine. Aside from that, Algerian cuisine is known for its vegetable and meat-based dishes - with an exception of pork. The spice level in Algerian dishes matches the level of heat that African cuisine carries, while the Mediterranean and French touch gives its dishes a fresh flavour.

If you are trying out Algerian cuisine for the first time, you may want to dig into the famous Tajin Zitoun and Mhajeb.

1. Aures Restaurant

Aures Restaurant

Aures is one of the rarest Algerian cuisine restaurants in Dubai, giving you a homely feel as soon as you enter the premises. All the Algerian flavours served at Aures are not just authentic to taste but quite mouth-watering too! The visitors especially love the Algerian sweets served here. You get the best combination of authentic food and friendly services when you visit the restaurant.

Location : Building Al jaddaf Views street al zahrawi shop 10 - Dubai

2. Al Annabi Cafeteria

Al Annabi Cafeteria

Do you want to indulge in Algerian tacos and pizzas? What about the authentic Bourak Annabi? Al Annabi Cafeteria is the place to visit if you are in Dubai and on a hunt for affordable, authentic Algerian food. This gorgeous place has walls decorated with lovely graffiti reminding you of the traditional Algerian attires. The pizzas served here are love at first sight, with generous topping and mind-boggling taste. A must-visit eatery in Dubai.

Location : Deira Clock tower - Dubai

3. Berber Dubai

Berber Dubai

Craving some traditionally cooked couscous which is the heart of Algerian cuisine? Visit Berber Dubai at the Dubai trade centre. At Berber, you can get to dig into traditional Maghrebi food like merguez. You get indoor as well as outdoor seating options here.

Location : D71 - Trade Centre - Dubai

4. Al Boughaz Al Maghribi

Al Boughaz Al Maghribi

Enjoy the authentic experience of Maghribi cuisine at Al Boughaz Al Maghribi, where you get a diverse food option on the menu, starting with the top Moroccan dishes like bolfaf. They also have couscous on their menu, which the locals love. You will receive warm hospitality from friendly staff and different seating options here.

Location : 3 22 A St - Deira - Duba

5. The Sandwich District T.S.D

The Sandwich District T.S.D

Grab a quick bite at The Sandwich District T.S.D with tasty north African and Algerian flavours! Spicy food lovers will enjoy the combination of Tunisian and Moroccan food here alongside Algerian cuisine. Their menu is quite affordable, so you must visit this place if you are looking for a budget-friendly eatery in Dubai. Aside from Couscous, they also have Keftaji, Ojja, Brik, Kamounia, and Fricass?, which all are a mix of North African and Algerian cuisine.

Location : Hamdan Juma Building - 329th Rd - Al Barsha - Al Barsha 1 - Dubai

How Many Hours Flight & Major Airlines Operating?

Dubai Visa from Algeria

Do you want to know how far Dubai is from Algeria in terms of hours and distance?

The shortest flight takes 06h 30m to fly from Algiers, Algeria to Dubai.

Aerial Distance = 5176 kilometres

Airport Code = Algiers - ALG, Dubai-DXB

Cheapest direct flight price from Algiers, Algeria: Algerian Dinar 59423.93 (AED 1552 )

Cheapest return ticket price : Algerian Dinar 30516.36 (AED 797)

Major Airlines Operation:

1. Air Algerie

Air Algerie

Air Algerie is Algeria's flag carrier airline service and has a large fleet size of 56, flying its passengers to 75 destinations. It is headquartered in Immeuble El-Djazair, located in Algerians.

2. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines

Emirates is a certified four-star airline carrier owned by the Emirates group. This Airline's total fleet size is 253 with its headquarters based out of Garhoud, Dubai. It is the largest airline in the Middle East. Emirates Airlines operates over 3600 flights per week from its HQ. They fly to more than150 destinations in 80 countries around the globe.

3. Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc which is mostly known as RAM airlines, is a Moroccan national carrier airline service which is also the largest airline of Morocco. It is wholly owned by the government of Morocco, with its headquarters in Casablanca-Anfa Airport. It has an alliance with One World and a fleet size of 52.

4. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Fly to more than 150 destinations across the globe with state-owned flag carrier Qatar Airways. It has an impressive fleet size of 234 which makes this airline one of the largest carriers in the world. Its headquarter is based in Doha.

5. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

The Istanbul-headquartered Turkish Airlines is the official flag carrier of Turkey. The fleet size of 386 flies the Turkish Airlines passengers to over 315 destinations. This airline service has a huge network of domestic and regional flights that are operated every day.

Jobs in Dubai for Algeria Citizens

Are you an Algerian citizen searching for a job in Dubai? The United Arab Emirates and Dubai have a tremendous amount of job opportunities available for qualified people who meet certain criteria to work within the country. These are the top trending job roles in Dubai that you can keep an eye out for if you want to work in Dubai:

1. Mail Clerk

A mail clerk, also referred to as a file clerk, is responsible for managing and organisation a firm's documents and its storage systems with categorization. They have to collect data from the firm's employees or customers, upload physical paperwork digitally by scanning them, inform the employees about the location of certain files, and much more.

2. Client Advisor

The role of a client advisor comes with the responsibility of interacting with clients regularly to give them fresh updates about projects or certain campaigns that their firm may be undertaking on behalf of the client. They are also responsible for generating more revenue for the firm by selling additional products or services offered by the firm to their clients.

3. Payroll Manager

A timely distribution of employees' payments in a firm is one of the biggest responsibilities of a payroll manager. This is only done after calculating various aspects of an employee's salary, including tax deductions, insurance benefits, and exemptions. While the process is easier with payroll softwares, a payroll manager's duty is still important.

4. Strategic communications director:

A Strategic communications director's role is self-explanatory. They are responsible for developing and monitoring strategic communications of a firm, maintaining media relations, and overseeing the brand communication that goes out in various forms, e.g. emails or digital prints.

5. Purchasing manager

A purchasing manager sources equipment and goods as needed while managing vendors in contract with their firm. They have to maintain a smooth relationship and a supply-demand chain with the vendors so that the products and services can go out to the customers accordingly.

6. B2B sales coordinator

B2B or business-to-business sales coordinator supports their firm with B2B deals - pre-sale and after-sale. They may also have to go out of their way and find potential B2B clients with whom they can build new relationships for the business's growth. It requires lead generation skills along with strong communication skills.


Yes. Once you have obtained a prepaid visit visa for Dubai of single entry or multiple entries, you can easily travel to Dubai from Algeria. It would help if you got your visa before you visit the country. These prepaid visas for Dubai come with 30 to 60 days of validity, so opt for one best suited to your requirements. The 30-day single-entry visa for Dubai comes with an additional grace period of 10 days for visa renewal or for leaving the country.

If you need a visa from Algeria to Dubai, you can go for Arabiers online visit visa services to apply for their UAE prepaid visit visa. You can receive further details about the application process required for a visit visa by getting in touch with our team on WhatsApp.

At Arabiers, we offer our vast services of online visit visa application to individuals residing in countries across the globe. Any person can get in touch with our team members via WhatsApp to get a Dubai visa from Algeria. Our team at Arabiers will proceed with your prepaid visit visa application and you will receive your visit visa on time from our end. Get in touch with our team on WhatsApp for more details regarding the online visit visa application process and provide the important details required from your end to process your visa application. You can also make your payments for visa services to Arabiers by using various online payment methods available with us.

Did your Dubai visa from Algeria get rejected? Here, we have written down a few of the most common reasons why your Dubai visa application probably didn't get processed:

  • Your details provided by you during the visit visa application were either incorrect or incomplete.
  • You are a solo female traveller under the age of 24 years who is trying to apply for a visit visa to the UAE. In this scenario, your visa can definitely get rejected because by law - females under the age of 24 are not eligible to travel to the UAE alone.
  • The passport/passport copy provided by you is damaged.
  • Certain typographical errors.

The Cost of a Dubai visa from Algeria is within the range of Algerian Dinar 13741.35 (AED 359) to Algerian Dinar 86122.66 (AED 2250). The costs also depend on the type of visa you are going with.

Are you planning to move to Dubai permanently from Algeria? For this scenario, you will require a residential visa for Dubai to let you stay in the United Arab Emirates for a long time. While you are in-between your migration process from Algeria to Dubai, you should ensure that you get your university degree, your marriage certificate, and your child's birth certificate attested by the Algeria foreign ministry and the Dubai Embassy. Doing this procedure will come in handy for you while your family visa or residence visa application is in process.

An Algerian national cannot work in the United Arab Emirates or Dubai unless they have a residence visa from a sponsor or a company to work there. As an Algerian citizen in Dubai, you can request a company to provide you a sponsored visa which will let you work in their firm without any hassle.