Camel trekking in Liwa

Ride the Sands: Camel Trekking in Liwa Dunes

Camel trekking in Liwa
By Robeena Brown

October 23, 2023 | 13 min read

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If you are a traveler looking for an exciting adventure apart from a regular city tour, then Camel trekking in Liwa is a must-try experience in the horizons of the golden dunes in UAE. Returning to the pages of history, camels have been the primary mode of travel for ancient Arabs. Thus, your camel trekking journey will be a bridge that reconnects you with the culture and timeless elegance of camels. Get ready as you sit on the saddle to listen to the ancient stories of centuries as your camel sways in the ups and downs of the enchanting dunes. This is an outstanding way to discover the golden horizons of Liwa, which will be the best part of your liwa desert safari abu dhabi.

Camels, The Timeless Comrade of the Dunes

As mentioned earlier, camels have been the mode of transport for centuries in Emirati culture. Because of this, they are called 'The ships of the desert.' Camels have endured adequate changes that help them withstand the extreme weather in the deserts. Their broad toes prevent their feet from sinking into the sand, allowing them to walk swiftly in the dunes. Much like a ship that navigates in the endless sea, camels were the only transport mode for desert dwellers in ancient times.

6 Best tips to get prepared for your Camel Trekking in Liwa

We know that any adventure needs a guide or a to-do list to prepare for it beforehand. And when it comes to desert adventures, there's no better way to ride the sands in Liwa in the UAE than from the back of a camel, capturing all those golden horizons at a height. It can be challenging for a 1st-time traveler who has never gone on a camel Trek. But don't panic! This unique experience will be something you will cherish in your life. So, do you need to get prepared and plan your camel trek? Here are the six best tips you need to know to prepare for your well-planned Camel trek in Liwa.

  1. Appropriate Clothing- It's best to wear lightweight clothing to protect you from the scorching sun in the desert. Also, make sure you wear long sleeves and full-length pants.
  2. Comfortable Footwear- Closed-toe shoes are best for your camel trek as they provide concrete support when mounting and unmounting the camel. Another alternative is Slides/Flip Flops. Wearing Slides/Flip Flops is best as it helps remove the desert dust that gets into your feet quickly.
  3. Take sufficient water- While camel trekking in Liwa is an exciting adventure, completing it is challenging due to the desert's extreme temperature. Therefore, take enough water to be hydrated and enjoy the experience.
  4. Headgear and Eye Protection- A wide hat that could cover your entire face and neck would be the best to wear rather than a sun cap. Also, remember to wear Sunglasses with UV protection to explore the golden dunes while the blazing sun is up.
  5. First Aid Kit- If you consume some medication regularly, carrying it with you during your camel trek is advisable. Also, always make it a point to take Band-Aid, plasters, antiseptic cream, and painkillers.
  6. Be prepared to experience the adventure- To get the best out of camel trekking in Liwa, you must understand that going on camel trekking is ideally different from horse riding. And there will be differences in the movement. Mindset is Key! Now that you have prepared your mind to go on this unique trekking, trust your instinct, your camel, and your guide to experience the best Camel Trekking.

Saddle Up: Your adventure is about to begin

Camel trekking in Liwa

As you mount on the sitting camel, you are ready to connect with the sandy dunes on this expedition. With every step of the camel, you can feel swiftly traveling through the sands, which many generations walked on in the past. By now, you have long forgotten your phobia of sitting on a camel because you have already immersed yourself in the endless beauty of the Liwa dunes.

Trekking through the Dunes of Serneity

As your camel trekking adventure has begun, and you are in awe of the endless beauty of the desert, it's an indication of a beautiful connection between you and the desert. The gentle footsteps of your camel and the warm desert breeze are the only sounds you will hear in The glimmering dunes filled with silence and serenity.

Experiencing Nature and Culture in the Dunes

Doubtlessly, camel trekking in Liwa Dunes is an adventurous expedition because it lets you connect with nature and culture. Travelers visiting the UAE for the first time will be thrilled to try Camel trekking as it allows them to experience the authentic Emirati Traditions and Culture. It is the best possible way to explore what Bedouin life in the desert was like. You can also watch the traditional falcon show, take part in henna painting, and satisfy your taste buds with Emirati bread and coffee. Traveling through the golden sands also lets you witness Cactus and other desert plants adapted to grow in scorching climates.

Safety Check for a Smooth Camel Trekking

As we discussed making a proper To-Do and To-Take list, we also need a complete safety check before the camel trekking adventure. From understanding camel behavior to following expert guidance, these eight safety checks will ensure a safe and fun-filled camel trekking experience.

1.Qualified Guides and Well-Trained Camels

It's advisable to ensure that safety comes first while trying a new adventure. Therefore, make sure you choose qualified guides who are experts in desert tours. They also make sure their camels are well-trained in trekking routes.

2.Proper briefing and Instructions

Similar to a guide on a horse ride, the camel trekking guide will also give instructions before you mount the camel on how you need to mount and dismount and communicate with the camel in a friendly way.

3.Keeping a safe distance

Maintaining an adequate distance from other trekking camels is best to avoid colliding and creating discomfort for riders and camels.

4. Listen closely to your guide

Your guide is an expert in the camel trekking adventure, and he knows well about the landscape of the desert. Therefore, please do not take any advice they give lightly. This way, you can have a fun-filled camel trekking adventure.

5.Physical fitness Considerations

Just as there's no doubt that your camel trekking is going to be a remarkable adventure, we should not also forget completing it is going to be physically challenging on the other hand. Therefore, you have to choose an appropriate distance you can handle to ensure a safe adventure.

6.Handling Unexpected Situations

Your guide will accompany you throughout your camel trekking, and you have nothing to fear. But, be prepared to handle situations like coming across unpredicted obstacles and rapid weather changes.

7. Emergency Contact Details

It's true that 'prevention is better than cure.' Taking local emergency contacts and your tour guide's contact with you is highly advisable if you encounter any unpredicted obstacles.

8. Respecting your camel

Treating your camel with respect and kindness will make them feel secure and create a strong bond. Also, avoid making loud noises or sudden panic movements, as it could confuse the camel.


As a passionate traveler, every adventure of yours might have a story to narrate. Similarly, the camel trek in Liwa Dunes is an unforgettable adventure that you will tick on your travel bucket list. Allowing you to delve through the natural dusky dunes and witness the beauty of Emirati culture and traditions while sitting on your camel companion is like an all-in-one expedition you get to experience.

Back after your home, while you look into the photos you took or when you talk about your experience of your camel trek in Liwa Dunes, you will feel the warm desert breeze which told the ancient stories of times, the swift walking of your camel carrying you on it's back throughout the desert.

If you are looking for an extraordinary camel trek experience in the UAE, the Camel trek in Liwa Dunes is the right one for you. Don't wait anymore! Experience the golden dunes casting their magic spell on you and mesmerizing you with the eternal beauty of camel trekking in the Liwa Dunes.


It's best to wear lightweight fabrics, a full-coverage hat, and a pair of toe shoes.

If you have any medical complications, it's wise to consult your tour guide. Also, if you fear you aren't fit enough, you can opt for a shorter-distance camel trek.

Based on your preferences and time allocations, a typical camel trek in Liwa Dunes can vary from a few hours to a whole day package.

Undoubtedly, yes! You have the complete freedom to take pictures and videos from your camera, as the camel trek in Liwa is a captivating adventure.

Anytime from the end of October to the beginning of April, considered the cooler months in the UAE, is the best time for camel trekking in Liwa. Planning your camel Trekking in these months facilitates you to enjoy other outdoor activities in the dunes.