If you are looking for Abu Dhabi Desert experience, which comes with freedom and flexibility, look no further book this private desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

Arabiers best abu dhabi desert safari experts have prepared this tour to suit your taste. They have included places to visit in the desert, things to do, enjoyable activities, and a menu. You will get value for your money on this tour. You will have quality time in the Abu Dhabi desert guided by a local, knowledgeable Abu Dhabi safari professional.

Continue reading this guide to learn more about this private desert safari in Abu Dhabi and plan a successful tour.

Private Evening Bonfire Safari

While smoking shisha, you will enjoy a premium Abu Dhabi evening desert safari around a bonfire. In addition, there are exciting desert activities you can take part in, such as dune bashing, sand boarding, camel riding, and views of the Al Khatim desert at sunset.

Private Evening Safari with Pool Access

Spend a beautiful evening trekking in the desert of Abu Dhabi and participating in activities offered in the private Village. Participate in the exhilarating dune bashing activity, followed by the desert's enlightening camel rides and vistas while the sun is setting that you will remember forever. Back at the Village, there is a delectable buffet serving a range of cuisines from around the world. While you are there, you may fill up while listening to the hypnotic sounds of the loud music and watching a live belly dance performance.

Private Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari with Pool Access & Breakfast

Book this safari, and you'll start your day with the adventure, and Bedouin traditions in the desert. You can immerse yourself in Emirati culture and tradition in the desert at the Village, about 80 minutes outside Abu Dhabi.

You will have enough time to explore the desert, enjoy the thrill of dune bashing in an air-conditioned 4x4, and the thrill of sliding down steep dunes on a sandboard. More so, enjoy Village's breakfast buffet and the poolside facilities.

Private Abu Dhabi Overnight Safari with Premium Bedouin Tents & Desert Houses

If you want to go on an overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi but don't want to sleep in a tent, this tour is the perfect add-on for you. Instead, you will sleep in a more comfortable setting. The Bedouin's ties to the desert are reflected in the mud brick and palm that make up the front of their homes, while the inside includes opulent furnishings and calming design elements. With this village desert safari, you will get the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds: an exciting evening desert safari as well as an overnight stay in a cozy desert house that will take you to Bedouin dreamland.

All you need to know

Celebrating Something Special & How to Plan?

Contact Arabiers destination experts to plan for you a fantastic private desert safari in Abu Dhabi, whether you are looking to where to take someone special to you to celebrate your honeymoon, wedding anniversary, new year's eve, mother's day, father's day, Halloween, or for a special treat,Some of the questions you will be asked by the Arabiers destination experts during your initial communication to help plan the tour include;

  1. What’s your special day??
  2. Which date are you planning this trip?
  3. Do you prefer a morning or evening, or overnight tour?
  4. Do you need a cake with some writing?
  5. Do you like Dune bashing (Adventure ride on desert dunes), or do you like nature ride (eco-friendly) ?
  6. What sort of menu do you like us to suggest?
  7. Do you need any drinks to be arranged?

The Arabiers team will review the answers to these questions, get back to you with the best tour option tailored for you, and book the tour after making the payments.

Best Time to Go

The best time to go on a private desert safari in Abu Dhabi is the winter season, from November to March. During winter, the weather is suitable for an amazing desert experience because the temperatures are milder than in the summer, and it is less humid. But the sun will be shining.

Winter is also the ideal time to book a desert safari in Abu Dhabi as the evening are cooler; hence enjoy the cool desert breeze while enjoying various activities in the desert. You can also attend various hosted in Abu Dhabi during winter, as it is the end of the year, such as the Grand Prix.

You can also book a private desert safari in Abu Dhabi during spring. You will get better hotels, flights, and tours compared to the winter season. The temperatures are a bit warmer compared to winter but not as intense heat of summer.

Spring season is also the ideal time to book a holiday tour in Abu Dhabi because the weather is perfect for beach activities, and there are no huge crowds compared to the winter.


Dress Code


There is no specific outfit you should consider when planning a private desert safari in Abu Dhabi, but you should consider the perfect outfit according to the weather. When going on the tour, you can carry as many clothes as you would like because you will be driven in your private vehicle from the hotel.

We recommend you consider wearing closed shoes because the Abu Dhabi desert can be full of sand. Also, you should wear light trousers or knee-length shorts.

If you plan to go on the trip during the winter season, ensure you pack a jacket and scarves. If you have included a photo shoot in your itinerary, you should carry extra clothes as you wish.


You may ask yourself, how do I choose the right tour company for a private desert safari in Abu Dhabi? The answer is simple; Google the tour company reviews and read previous traveler experiences with the company.

Concentrate reviews on TripAdvisor and Google reviews, and this will tell you the company's reputation. Most travelers take time to write a review of the experience that was different from what they expected. Therefore you should check out the negative reviews to see if they mention important aspects such as safety, vehicle quality & food hygiene. Sometimes a traveler may be biased, so even after reading the reviews, it is important to take time and find out the truth before booking the tour.

Remember, when you choose the right tour company for your private desert safari in Abu Dhabi, it means you will get value for your money and, above all, have an enjoyable experience you live to recall.


Considering this private tour, you can choose the best time you want to go. Below is a table detailing the timing from when the tour starts and ends to help you make plans you want to go.

Private tours Starts Ends
Private Evening Bonfire Safari 3.00 pm 9.00 pm
Private Evening Safari with Pool Access 3.00 pm 8.00 pm
Private Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari with Pool Access & Breakfast 8.00 am 12.00 pm
Private Abu Dhabi overnight safari with Premium Bedouin Tents & Desert Houses 3 pm on day 1 12 pm on day 2

Private Tour Prices

The prices for this tour depending on the activities you choose. Below is an estimated price calculated according to previous travelers’ choices.

Private tours Adult - AED Child - AED
Private Evening Bonfire Safari 650 550
Private Evening Safari with Pool Access 330 270
Private Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari with Pool Access & Breakfast 350 250
Private Abu Dhabi overnight safari with Premium Bedouin Tents & Desert Houses 1300 1100

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can do that based on your requirements. In the past, we have handled VVIPs & we arranged the pick up by Mercedes-Benz Wagon model vehicles, private belly dance/ oud play, private live cooking stations in the desert, and butlers.

Yes, you can share your stopover flight ticket. We will arrange to pick you up from the airport based on your flight timings.

There are famous deserts in Abu Dhabi called Al Khatim & Liwa. You will not be taken to the Dubai desert. You will only be going to the Abu Dhabi desert, which is 45 minutes away from Abu Dhabi.

For part of your tour, you will be taken to a camel farm, and you can enjoy your time and take selfies.

Usually, the most famous desert safaris in Abu Dhabi are the evening desert safaris. So that starts at 3 pm and the morning one starts at 8 am.

Usually 5-6 hours, including return transfer.

Yes, we can remove the dune bashing from your private tour.

Yes, the one-toe closed is recommended.