5 New Visas Scheme Available in UAE from September 2022

new visas in UAE
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By Robeena Brown

September 01, 2022 | 13 min read

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The United Arab Emirates cabinet has implemented 5 new types of Visas to UAE schemes to enhance work opportunity and boost competitiveness in the UAE job market. It is also a step taken to attract talented individuals and experienced workers from all parts of the world. Talents and skilled workers from all over the world boost the competitiveness and flexibility of the job market in UAE.
5 New Visas Scheme Available in UAE from September 2022

Along with so many other changes implemented by the UAE after the COVID19 pandemic, visa reforms are changing for good and are becoming a popular topic of discussion internationally. The UAE Cabinet granted a number of new visas back in April as the nation continued to welcome expats from all over the world. The government media office announced that "the new system of entry and residency is geared at attracting and maintaining global talents and skilled professionals."

Here is everything you need to know regarding the new visas that will be issued starting next month.

Business Visa

Sponsor: not needed

A business visa without a sponsor can be issued to individuals who want to launch their own business in UAE or invest in other local businesses.

Temporary Work Visa

Sponsor: company or employer

According to the government website, candidates can apply for a temporary work visa for any project-based job or short-term assignments by presenting a temporary employment contract, a letter from the company, and a valid health certificate.

Educational/training Visa

Sponsor: research and educational institutes (Public or private sector)

This visa is ideal for individuals seeking training, internship opportunities or education courses. To apply for this visa, the applicant must submit the internship/course details and the duration.

Family Visa

Sponsor: Expatriate father/mother

Families can now sponsor male children until 25, whereas previously, it was only until 18 years old. Sponsorship can also be granted indefinitely to disabled children and unmarried daughters.

Job visa

After graduating from any of the top 500 universities, job seekers can apply for this new visa, allowing bachelor's degree holders or equivalents to explore more job opportunities in the UAE. According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, this visa can be granted to those who fall into the first, second, or third skill levels.

Details About Visas Reforms and Entry Permits:

5 New Visas Scheme Available in UAE from September 2022

Golden Residence Visa

  1. The eligibility criteria for the golden residence scheme have been simplified, and the categories of beneficiaries have been expanded. Investors, entrepreneurs, exceptional talents, scientists and professionals, outstanding students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers, and front-line heroes are all eligible for a 10-year residency.
  2. Amendments allow holders of golden residence to sponsor family members. There are no time limits on how long you can stay outside the UAE to keep your golden residency.
  3. After purchasing a property worth at least 2 million dirhams, real estate investors can obtain a golden residence.

Green Residence

  1. The green residence is a 5-year residency scheme offered for freelancers and self-employed individuals that doesn't require a sponsor or employer to reside in the UAE.
  2. Investors establishing or participating in commercial activities are eligible for a 5-year Green residency. The previous investor residence visa was only valid for two years.

New Residence Types

A 5-year residence visa is being offered to attract talents, skilled professionals, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

New Entry Visas

For the first time, new types of visas are introduced that do not require a host or sponsor. Furthermore, all entry visas are available for single or multiple entries can be renewed for a similar period, and are valid for 60 days from the date of issuance.

Entry visa for Job exploration

It is not necessary to have a sponsor or a host. According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, it is granted to those classified in the first, second, or third skill level. A bachelor's degree or equivalent is required as the minimum educational level.

Business Entry Visa

To encourage investors and entrepreneurs to explore business and investment opportunities in the UAE, entry without a sponsor or host is permitted.

Tourist Visa

A 5-year multi-entry tourist visa without a sponsor has been introduced and proof of a bank balance of $4,000 or its equivalent is required to be eligible for this visa.