Is Return Ticket Mandatory for UAE Visit Visa?

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By Robeena Brown

July 27, 2022 | 13 min read

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Yes, Confirm Return to get UAE Visit Visa is mandatory, and it doesn't matter your nationality. It is a rule which applies not only to UAE visas but to any other country visa.

When applying for a UAE visit visa, there are requirements that you have to fulfill. Yes, you need to have a confirmed return air ticket. Among the other documents, you will be prompted to present the entry point to UAE before being allowed to enter.

At the airport, your traveling documents are checked first by your home country and second by your destination immigration officers. The immigration officer will require you to present a confirmed return air ticket, and you should have paid for the return air ticket to be confirmed.

Therefore, it is not about showing you have booked a return ticket. Instead you have paid for it. You can later cancel the ticket if you will not be returning.
The rationale behind the UAE government requiring anyone entering UAE on a visit visa to have a confirmed air ticket is to ensure that the visitor does not overstay.

If you have a return or an onward ticket booked, it is presumed that you will leave the country before your visit visa's validity period ends, if not sooner.

Finding the Best Flight Tickets and Return Ticket Refundable One

Is Return Ticket Mandatory for UAE Visit Visa?

Airline tickets that are considered refundable allow you to receive a credit or debit card refund or a refund via another payment method of your choosing, should you cancel your flight after purchasing the ticket.

Certain tickets are entirely refundable; the only fee you'll be charged is an administration charge from Alternative Airlines. An airline service fee is necessary for specific tickets to initiate a refund request.


Other Requirements

In addition to questions regarding your return tickets, you can have questions regarding the other requirements, which we will explain below.

1. Hotel Booking

The immigration officer will not ask you to present a confirmed hotel booking when entering the UAE. You will be prompted to show your Passport, UAE visa, and a copy of the confirmed return air ticket. These documents are enough to clear you to enter UAE as a regular visitor.

2. Passport

Every entering UAE must have a passport that won't expire for at least another six months after arriving in the UAE from the day they entered the country.

3. Travel Insurance

Although having insurance for your visit is not required to enter the UAE, it is strongly recommended. At the time of application for a visa to the UAE, all visitors to the UAE are required to have a valid medical insurance policy; an external health insurance policy will not be accepted. This rule was passed by the government of the UAE and required all visitors.

The cost of medical care in the UAE is skyscraper-high; consequently, if you want someone to have your back in a medical emergency, you should buy travel insurance for the UAE.

The insurance will cover you for medical emergencies and various other contingencies, including flight delays, loss of passport, personal liability bonds, lost luggage, and so on.

Getting Residence Visa

If you would like to get a UAE residence visa, it is possible without exiting the country. Those eligible for the UAE residence visa or visa change are investor/ partner visa, employment visa, and family/residence visa.

Therefore, if you intend to convert your canceled visa or your current visit visa into a residence visa, you will be required to pay a fee of AED 650 to obtain your residence visa and continue to remain within the nation. You will be able to pay this fee at any of the typing centers or immigration centers.

After the resident visa has been approved, an additional payment of AED 540 plus the application fee is required to alter your status. You must have a valid visit visa, a new visa, and your original passport.

Any changes to your visa status must be made well before the grace period or your visit visa runs out. After the current step in the procedure is finished, the file containing the applicant's information will be given to the new sponsor.

At the time of the change of status at the immigration counter, a fee of AED 25 per day will be levied if there is a delay in the application. If the applicant is only on a visit visa, the total amount of the fine can be different. Only when the status has been changed are medical examinations performed.

Extending Visit Visa

Is Return Ticket Mandatory for UAE Visit Visa?

If you notice your UAE visit visa is about to expire and would like to extend your stay in UAE, you must submit an extending Visa request 2-3 days before their last day.

The whole process of extending a UAE visit visa can be done while sited in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to exit the country to extend the visa.
The UAE, unlike before, allows visitors on visit visas to extend their visa stay while residing in UAE. It is not even possible to extend twice up to 60 days.

Advantages of Extending Visa Without Exiting

When you can change your status within the country, there is no need to leave, eliminating the need to go through the arduous process of leaving and reentering the country.

Additionally, there is no need to spend significant time waiting in airports or be dependent on other locations for travel.