Is it Legal to work on Visit Visa in UAE?

working on visit visa
extend visit visa in uae
By Robeena Brown

August 22, 2022 | 13 min read

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No, a Visit visa to UAE won't allow you to work in UAE. You must change your visit visa to an employment visa or residence visa. Working under a visit visa to UAE may subject the person to penalties and legal liability.

Searching Job on UAE Visit Visa in UAE

Is it Legal to work on Visit Visa in UAE?

There are several job opportunities in UAE where you can get a temporary or permanent job.

The UAE government allows one to enter UAE on a visit visa and start looking for a job. However, it is important to note that after you get the job, you ought to change the visa to a residence or employment visa.

When searching for a job in UAE, you ought to be focused. You need to have a clear goal and what kind of job you are searching for. When you have a clear goal of what job you are searching for, you will be able to carry on to the targeted job search and within no time get the job.

When searching for a job in UAE, you should have the following;

  • Planned expenses for a few months
  • Educational Certificates
  • Target companies where to apply for the job
  • Connection with friends or family in UAE
  • Have a laptop or smartphone
  • Know which city you want to work

Best Job Sites in UAE

Companies or people looking for employees post the job vacancy on job sites in UAE. The sites are important in linking people looking for jobs and employers.
It is important not all job sites you see online are trustworthy. Here we have listed the best job sites in UAE. They are trustworthy and reputable job sites in UAE;

  1. Indeed
  2. Gulftalent
  3. Bayt
  4. Linkedin
  5. Naukri Gulf
  6. Dubizzle
  7. Monstergulf

Tips for Finding Job

You ought to be smart when looking for a job in UAE. Here we have highlighted some tips to help you find a job in UAE.

  1. Get a local phone number and deposit AED 200.
  2. Get a metro card for Dubai and load 100 AED onto it.
  3. Update your contact information on LinkedIn to include your number in the United Arab Emirates and change your location on LinkedIn to reflect the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Look through online employment boards. You should send out your application, make notes of each position (including the company, job description, and recruiter's name, among other details), and aggressively follow up over the phone. Make sure to mention that you are accessible beginning right away.
  5. Find out if there are any professional events or walk-in interviews in Dubai that you can attend.
  6. Conduct research on well-known businesses in Dubai situated in the areas surrounding Dubai metro stations.
  7. Make a list of these businesses and note the nearest metro station to them so you can get there. Use Google maps.
  8. Create many copies of your curriculum vitae and cover letter. Create a favorable impression when speaking with the receptionists, and politely ask them to forward your resume to the human resources department.
  9. Include recruiting agencies and make an effort to meet agents rather than handing out your CV when you reach out to them rather than sending them your resume.
  10. Keep in contact with the individuals you met and expand your professional network on LinkedIn. If you are unsuccessful during your stay, you may be approached in the future.

Changing UAE Visit Visa to Employment Visa

After you get a job in UAE, you are expected to process a visa change from a visit visa to an employment visa.

Even though you entered UAE on a visit visa and you were allowed to look for a job, you cannot start working without a valid employment visa.

You can change the visit visa to an employment visa by opting for the visa change without exit service. Your employer is the one who will apply for the employment visa on your behalf, and then you can start working.

Consequences of Working on Visit Visa

There are consequences of working on a visit visa in the UAE. After you get a job in UAE, it is expected that you process a visa change from a visit visa to an employment visa.

The following are some implications when you start working on a visit visa n UAE.

  • Violation of the laws governing labor in the UAE
  • Violation of the laws governing labor in the UAE
  • Get blacklisted. It implies that you won't be able to return to the UAE on an employment visa.
  • In addition, you won't have any recourse in case of a dispute with your employer.

Overstaying Fines during Job Search

Is it Legal to work on Visit Visa in UAE?

Many people get to the UAE on a visit visa in search of a job, and within the validity of the visa, many still have not gotten a job.

Even though you have the skills and experience, you need to understand how job recruitment works in UAE.

You need to understand the UAE visa gives you limited time to look for a job. You have to get up to speed quickly; before you even get there, you should have completed as much of the necessary preparation as possible.

If you cannot obtain employment within the allotted time on your visa, you will either need to extend your visa or leave the country.

When you stay behold the days indicated on the visit visa, you will be considered to have overstayed in UAE and will have to pay hefty overstaying fines.

You will be subject to a fine of 100 AED per day, and on the second day, fines increase to 200 AED on the third day and beyond.