Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

Is a Return Ticket Mandatory for Dubai Tourist Visa?

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements
By Robeena Brown

October 11, 2023 | 13 min read

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Yes, must have the return booking ticket to enter Dubai on a UAE Visit Visa. They can contact us to make the original booking for return if they are not sure about the return date, and we can find the lower-cost tickets that are refundable.

You must have several requirements when applying for the Dubai visit or tourist visa. Among the questions that arise when gathering these requirements is whether having a return ticket for a Dubai tourist visa is mandatory.

The straight answer is YES. It is mandatory to get a return ticket when applying for a Dubai visit visa; it is one must-have document and will be prompted to present when entering Dubai.

In this article, we have details of everything you need to know about a return ticket when applying for a Dubai visit visa and other requirements you need to have.

What is a Return Ticket?

Return air ticket, or round-trip or circle ticket, refers to a flight ticket you purchase to a particular destination and back to when you boarded the flight.

For example, if you travel from India to Dubai and you have a return ticket, you will use the same ticket you used to travel from Dubai back to India.

Where are you required to present the return ticket?

When you arrive at the Dubai airport, you must present traveling documents. The immigration officer will prompt you to submit a confirmed return air ticket, including your visa and passport.

The return ticket you produce should be confirmed, meaning you have paid for it. It is illegal to present a fake return ticket. It is better to pay for it and later cancel the ticket if you will not return.

Why is a Return Ticket Mandatory for a Dubai Tourist Visa?

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

The main reason it is mandatory to have a return ticket when applying for a Dubai visit visa is to guarantee you will stay within the days your key allows you to stay in Dubai.

Where to find the Return Ticket ?

You should research the best airline offering the best return ticket deals. If you will not return, you should look for an airline offering a refundable return ticket.

You will only incur an administration charge or airline service fee necessary to initiate a refund request.

Alternatively, you can contact us to assist you in booking the flight and return ticket if you are still determining when you will return. We will find for you the lowest return tick rates and refundable.

Understanding Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

If you plan to visit Dubai, renowned for its cutting-edge architecture, diverse cultural offerings, and high-end experiences, you ought to obtain a Dubai tourist or visit visa if you are not a National from UAE visa exempt country. As mentioned earlier, a return ticket is mandatory, but a return ticket depends on various factors, including the purpose and duration of your visit.

Length of stay :

Short-term Visas (30 days): Short-term visas only allow for a limited time in a country, so these visitors will likely be required to present a return ticket when entering Dubai.

Long-term Visas (90 days): Those who hold long-term visas might not be subject to the same requirement, given that their extended stays imply a different reason for being in the country.

Travel History:

As a precautionary measure, individuals with a history of overstaying their visas in other countries may be asked to present a return ticket.

Financial Stability:

The specific financial requirements may change depending on the length of stay as well as the category of visa that you intend to apply for.

In most cases, you will be required to show proof that you have adequate finances to cover your expenses while in the UAE.

The UAE government aims to ensure that tourists have adequate funds to maintain their living standards while in the country.

If you prove you have enough money to pay the expenses when staying in Dubai, you can alleviate the chances of being requested to present a return ticket.


No, you must have a return ticket to enter Dubai.

If your travel plans change, you should inform the appropriate authorities and make the required preparations to remain in compliance with visa regulations.


It is always prudent to meet all the required requirements when applying for a Dubai tourist visa. Now, you know it is mandatory to have a return ticket when applying for a Dubai tourist visa and are aware of factors that can influence the necessity for a return ticket.

If you have inquiries or questions regarding the Dubai tourist visa process or requirements, you should contact official authorities or seek guidance from reputable visa agencies like Arabiers.