How to Apply Online Visit Visa For UAE?

Apply Online Visit Visa For UAE
extend visit visa in uae
By Robeena Brown

August 19, 2022 | 13 min read

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The procedure for applying online visit visa for UAE is straightforward. One can apply for it with their passport copy & a digital photo of themselves. Pay digitally via Arabiers & get your visit visa in 2-3 days. An electronic visa (e-visa) will be sent to your WhatsApp number.

What is Online Visit Visa For UAE

The United Arab Emirates online Visa is a type of e-visa that lets all eligible citizens travel anywhere within the UAE, whether for a tourism/leisure or a short stay for work.

Applying for an online visa fast-tracks the process of getting a visit visa for the UAE, saving you from going through unnecessary hustles & bustles when trying to obtain a UAE visa. You can now forget about the hassle of physical visits, interviews, & the tons of paperwork that needed to be done during those good old days for acquiring a UAE visit visa.

Every eligible citizen can visit an online platform like Arabiers to apply for an online visa; it is the most convenient way to start your visa application process.

How Easy is it to obtain an Online Visa

All set for your trip to the UAE? With our extensive online UAE visa services, we have made it easy for you to get your visa easily so that your focus should be on making your trip more exciting & all about planning your itineraries, no more stressing about the visa process! Just grab your laptop & apply for an e-visa to the UAE, get it processed smoothly in a trouble-free way - right from the comfort of your home!

The type of visa that you will require for your visit depends on certain factors, like your nationality, your duration, and your purpose for the visit to the UAE.

Physically Getting Dubai Visa

Apply Online Visit Visa For UAE

Gone are the days when you were forced to go through the time-consuming process of getting a visa by physically visiting the local embassy, airline office or travel agency. In the UK, you must follow certain verification steps, like clearing interviews & doing biometrics to get your visa. However, if you want to travel to the UAE using our services, you will only have to provide us with a copy of your scanned passport along with a recent color photograph - your e-visa will be sent to you in just a few hours!

Comparing UK Visa & UAE visa

Let's do a side-by-side comparison of UK vs UAE visas to give you an idea of how easy it is to get a visit visa for the UAE.

UK Visa Steps UAE Visa Steps
Check If you Need Visa Send Documents
Check what type of visa you need Payment
Prepare Evidence Get a Visa
Apply for a Visa Travel to UAE
Attend an appointment
Get a Visa
Travel to UK

5 Types of UAE Visas

Apply Online Visit Visa For UAE

Here is the list of 5 different types of visas in UAE:

30 & 90 days on arrival visas

These kinds of visas don't come with any charges & are provided to you upon your arrival in the UAE. They are eligible for single and multiple entries, depending on their nationalities. 30 days on-arrival visa comes with a 10 days of grace period. However, the 90 days on-arrival visa doesn't have any grace period.

List of nationalities that can obtain the 30-days & 90-days on-arrival visa:

Australia, Canada, UK, & USA based nationals/passport holders can get a free 30-day on arrival Dubai visa.

Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, & Italy based nationals/passport holders can get a complementary 90-day on arrival visa.

30 & 90 days single entry prepaid visa

People not eligible for on-arrival visas are bound to receive a prepaid visa for the UAE. These kinds of visas are for a 30 & 90 days period for a single entry, starting from the date of issue. Both the 30 days & the 90 days single entry prepaid visas have a 10 days grace period.

List of nationalities eligible for 30 & 90 days single entry prepaid visas:

Bosnia, Egypt, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nepal & more

30 & 90 Days Multiple Entry Prepaid Visas

Just like the single entry visas for 30 & 90 days timelines, these multiple entry visas can be obtained by people from other nationalities who cannot get on-arrival visas. It should be noted that no grace period is given on multiple entry prepaid visas.

180 Days Visa

People who hold a valid Mexican passport are eligible to get the 180 days visa at free of cost. It is a multiple entry visa which is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. This visa doesn't have a grace period.

14 Days On-Arrival Visa:

Those individuals who are Indian passport holders and/or:

  • Also have a residence visa issued by UK/European Countries (with a minimum validity of 6 months).
  • Hold a green card issued by the USA.
  • Hold a visitor visa (with a minimum validity of 6 months) issued by the USA.can get the 14 days single entry visa for the UAE by paying a fee. It is provided without any grace period.

Rates of UAE Visa

Here are the rates for all 5 types of UAE visit visas:

Visa Type Rates Grace Period
30 Day On-arrival Free 10 Days
90 Days On-arrival Free 0 Days
30 Days Prepaid(single entry) 359 AED 10 Days
90 Days Prepaid(single entry) 789 AED 10 Days
30 Days Prepaid(Multiple entry) 1050 AED 0 Days
90 Days Prepaid (Multiple Entry) 2250 AED 0 Days
180 Days On-arrival Free 0 Days
14 Days On-arrival 120 AED 0 Days