Cost-Free Activities to Enjoy in Dubai

10 Exciting and Cost-Free Activities to Enjoy in Dubai in 2024

Cost-Free Activities to Enjoy in Dubai

Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

May 21, 2024 | 13 min read

Dubai is a well-known modern city in every travel list which makes it among the most visited cities in the world today. There is much to do and see for every visitor in this city.

Like any other modern cities in the world, the cost of touring a world class city is on the high end. Well, it is the same in Dubai. However, what if I told you there are things which you can enjoy in Dubai cost free.

Yes, there are a number of exciting activities and places you can visit in Dubai and will not incur any cost at all. If you were looking for a weekend getaway and you are not on budget Dubai is your destination.

You should not be worried even about obtaining the Dubai visa because you can apply for the Dubai express visa which you will get issued within 8 hours. Next, your board flight to Dubai.

Below I will discuss the top 10 activities you can enjoy in Dubai cost free from visiting Dubai's Souks, relaxing at La Mer Beach to watching the Dubai Mall Fountain Show. The preference is diverse and you are the one to choose which best suits you.

Exploring Dubai's Souks

Although there are huge malls in Dubai where you can visit to shop quality products, for an authentic shopping experience you should explore the Dubai souks.

These souks play a big role in Dubai's history and culture. It is also free to walk around even though you may not buy anything as you get to know how they trade in these traditional markets

Cultural significance

Even though Dubai is a modern city with many malls which offer unique shopping experiences, their experience of shopping at the souks cannot be replicated.

The souks represent the history and culture of how Dubai became a trading center. Traders in the region used to gather these souks to trade.

Even today they still trade and meet the souks to exchange goods and tourists visit these souks to learn how they trade. At the Souks you can buy several items including textiles, fragrant spices and gold jewellery.

Some of the popular souks in Dubai are:

The gold souk

This market has been operational for a century and there are over 3000 retailers selling gold products.

The spice souk

This market dates back in 1900s and it is among the tourist attraction in Dubai where you can visit for free and shopping species such as cardamom, cinnamon, and more

Strolling Along JBR Walk

The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence which is located next to Hilton Dubai JBR and Hilton Dubai the Walk (JBR) is another cost free activity to do in Dubai.

It is a famous destination for tourists where they come to stroll along the 1.7 kilometres stretch. You can visit this destination with your family because there is something to do and see for everyone.



There are many retail shops selling various products ranging from boutiques, premium fashion outlets from popular brands, international brands, shops selling golden products like jewelleries and many more.

You can shop anything you want along this sidewalk. Or you can go window shopping.


You can also enjoy traditional emirati cuisines or international cuisines here in JBR walk because there are several restaurants available.


There is always something happening in the JBR walk to entertain tourists. Even if you visit with your family they will get to be entertained. You can also relax at the pristine beaches where you can sunbathe or swim.

Visiting Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Cost-Free Activities to Enjoy in Dubai

If you want to know what Dubai was like before becoming the modern city we all know today, you should visit Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood.

This district is located along the Dubai Creek and is an important heritage site. You will find buildings which have been preserved for more than a century.

It is cost free to tour this district and explore various buildings and learn about the Dubai historical past and its rich cultural heritage.


Traditional wind towers

The towers tell history about Dubai. They are constructed from sandstone, teak, gypsum, palm wood and sandalwood.

Dubai Museum

The museum is among the best things you can do in this district. It was built in 1787. When you visit the museum which is cost free you learn about Dubai way of life during ancient times, history and culture.

Other experiences


There are local restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy traditional Emirati cuisine. Examples of dishes you can have include machboos (spiced rice with meat or fish) and luqaimat (sweet dumplings).

At the cafes you can try Arabic coffee or tea while enjoying shisha (flavored tobacco smoked through water pipes).


You should not leave this district without buying souvenirs sold at the local markets. Other products you can buy include silk, cotton, and linen at textile souk and handicrafts which are made by locals like carpets, jewellery and pottery.

Relaxing at La Mer Beach

Relaxing at La Mer beach which is situated between Pearl Jumeirah and Jumeirah Bay is yet another cost free activity to do in Dubai.

The beach is well known in Dubai and many tourists visit it daily for relaxation and enjoying the ambience. You will love the landscaping, artistic of towering palm trees and waterfront features.

What to do for Free?


You can try different water sports at this beachy such as jet-skiing or paddle boarding.

Take pictures

you can explore the beach by taking some pictures for your Instagram followers. There are several art installations where you can stand and take cool pictures.

Dining by the Sea

Although the dishes are not free you can enjoy dining by the sea at this beach. There are several eateries and some top restaurants where you can even buy a snack and enjoy as you relax along the beach.

Strolling along the Beach’s Shore

You can enjoy your time in Dubai as you walk along the La Mer Beach shore. You will enjoy stunning sea views and the natural ambience.

Exploring Dubai's Public Parks

There are cost free parks you can visit in Dubai where you can walk around the park alone or with your family. The parks are well maintained and you will enjoy the time in nature.

There are different parks in Dubai, more than 90 spread out in the city and have different facilities and services. If you have your family you can explore parks featuring children's playgrounds.

Several events and activities are hosted in Public Parks in Dubai and they are cost free for the visitors. Other activities you can enjoy in Dubai Public Park include picnics, jogging, and having fun with your family.

Some of the best public parks to visit in Dubai are Zabeel Park, Safa Park, Dubai Crocodile Park, Jumeirah Public Beach, Al Mamzar Beach Park, Quranic Park, etc.

Watching the Dubai Fountain Show

Chances are you have watched the Dubai Fountain Show online given it is the largest and tallest fountain in the world. Watching the fountain show closer is thrilling than the videos you see online.

The show is amazing and breathtaking where you watch as the water dances to music with lights. The best part is you can enjoy this show for free at night when you visit the Dubai mall.

Starting from 6 pm to 11pm every day the fountain comes to life every 30 minutes. You will be left staring even after 30 minutes because the show is stunning to watch.

Exploring Dubai Marina Walk

Exploring Dubai Marina Walk is also a cost free activity you can try in Dubai. It is a popular destination for tourists in Dubai where they enjoy leisure side walking.

The sidewalk stretches around 7 kilometres with several shops, restaurants, cafes and other shops. Below are some experiences you can try when you visit Dubai Marina Walk.



Here are several dining restaurants along the Dubai marina walk you can enter and enjoy a meal. There are international chain restaurants such as Nando’s and PF Chang’s.

The other option is enjoying a delicious meal at Pier 7 and can choose to dine at one of the 7 floor venues as you take in the Arabian Gulf views.


There are several retail shops along the Marina walk in Dubai where you can shop from fashion clothes from popular brands, beauty products to electronics.

Recreational Areas

There are recreation areas where you can visit with your family at Dubai Marina Walk featuring modern children playing equipment. The adults can enjoy jogging, walking, or cycling at the broad walkways.

Discovering Street Art in Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue is an art hub where you can visit in Dubai for free. Before the artists turned this neighbourhood into a leading art hub it was an industrial area.

Today there are several galleries, dance studios and artisanal café, etc. All this makes this district worthy of a visit for the art lovers.

When you tour here you will enjoy some contemporary art among them Carbon 12 and Leila Heller Gallery to Gulf Photo Plus. You can also enrol to an art class at the creative community spaces, such as thejamjar.

Alserkal Avenue is easy to reach when in Dubai centre and you don’t need a guide. It is cost free to visit the art compound during the operational hours.

Enjoying Sunset at Dubai Creek

Catching the sunset view is one of the amazing ways to end a day. One of the best places where you can watch the sunsets in Dubai is at Dubai Creek.

You will also get to enjoy the reflection of the sun in the Dubai water creating golden views. And also get to enjoy the views of the entire Dubai skyline.

Some of the landmarks you can see from the Dubai creek Harbours include Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, the Museum of the Future, and Emirates Towers.

There is no cost to sit in the creek harbor and catch as the sun sets. The seats are installed facing the skyline and this makes it a good spot to relax in the evening and enjoy the sunset in Dubai.

Visit Dubai Mall

Although most of the things at Dubai require you to buy or get a ticket there are still a number of free things you can do there.

When you enter the mall you can get to watch different marine life cost free such as small sharks at the aquarium in the outer area. Don't forget to take pictures.

Another thing you can do for free at Dubai mall is see the skeleton of a dinosaur which is among the oldest animals on earth. If you are visiting the mall with your children they can have fun for free at the children's city.


As you can see, there are several things you can enjoy in Dubai cost free even if you are travelling on budget. Dubai is a tourist hub for all types of travel and this makes it among the visited cities in the world.

No matter your travel budget Dubai makes an ideal destination. All these activities we have mentioned above offer unique experiences and are memorable.

You can try any of them and let us know your experience. You can also mention in the comment any accost free we have left out in the list worth mentioning.