sandboarding in desert Try out a hand in sandboarding and other desert activities while on an Abu Dhabi desert tour.

Dunes Tour In Abu Dhabi: A Journey In The Heart Of The Hillock

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

November 25, 2023 | 13 min read

An Abu Dhabi dunes tour takes you on a trip through the heart of the desert wonder, where the captivating beauty of the desert is unveiled. The dune trip guarantees a one-of-a-kind experience and different adventures that are part of an desert safari in abu dhabi. This guide delves into the fascinating experience of taking an Abu Dhabi dunes tour where nature’s artistry is on full display.

A Natural Canvas of Sand and Sun

Embarking on a dune tour in the Abu desert means leaving behind the concrete jungle of the city and entering a very different yet equally intriguing landscape. With shapes carved by the wind and time, the desert hillocks rise like colossal pieces of art. The golden desert sand stretches in an extensive area, providing an immense and majestic view that is both breathtaking and humbling.

The Thrill of Adventure Activities

Adventure enthusiasts will find paradise in the Abu Dhabi desert, which provides a wide range of exhilarating activities that guarantee an adrenaline rush. The desert landscape transforms into an adventure playground with activities ranging from thrilling sandboarding and quad biking to exhilarating dune bashing and dune bashing. Additionally, you can take in the serenity of camel riding, the ethereal splendor of hot air ballooning, and the magical stargazing when you camp in the desert.

The enormous size of the desert makes it the perfect location for night safaris, stargazing, and exploration of the distinctive flora and fauna. Travelers seeking a rush of adventure should consider the Abu Dhabi desert since it's a haven for all the adventure.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

There is more to the desert hillocks than just the monotonous beige sand dunes. The hillocks come alive at sunrise and sunset with a captivating display of color. The sun creates a striking contrast with the deep blue sky by casting warm orange and pink hues across the dunes. These are very magical moments that serve as a constant reminder of how beautiful the natural world is.

A Cultural Welcome

Feel a rush of adrenaline as you navigate up and down the towering dunes of Dubai deserts.

When you arrive at the desert camp, you are welcomed with a taste of Emirati hospitality. You are welcomed with a traditional Arabic coffee, known as Gahwa, and dates to show their love for visitors. The Emirati cultural gestures are a representation of the immersive experience that awaits you and the blend of warm Emirati culture and desert wonders.

Cultural Immersion

You can witness the rich Bedouin heritage and the traditional Emirati way of life through a desert camp. There are several cultural events and activities that provide insights into the region's culture and practices. Enjoy riding a camel, henna painting, and dressing in traditional Emirati clothing to embrace the desert culture on a deeper level.

Nighttime Delights

sandboarding in desert Savor the different flavors served during a desert nighttime camping.

Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner complete with entertainment as the desert comes to life at night. Enjoy traditional dances, music, and enthralling performances that showcase the UAE's rich cultural heritage. Get absorbed in the festivities and try a hand at dancing if you feel inclined. These nighttime treats offer a glimpse into the spirit of the desert and its inhabitants.

After the entertainment, enjoy some quiet time while relaxing on the silky desert sands and watching the stars and constellations above. The serenity and remarkable display in the night sky create a deeper connection to the universe. It serves as a reminder of the enormous size of the universe and our role in it.

A Night in Bedouin Tents

The highlight of your dunes tour is camping overnight in the traditional Bedouin-style tents. With their soft and comfy beddings, these intimate accommodations give guests a glimpse of the desert life. The tranquillity of the desert, coupled with the soothing breezes at night, create an incredibly unique, unforgettable sleep. Spending the night in the desert is a lovely moment to awaken to the soft light of dawn breaking over the dunes.

The Enchantment of Dawn

Wake up in the desert and witness the magnificence of the desert sunrise. The landscape is bathed in a warm, dreamy glow as the sun peeks over the dunes. The serene early mornings, interrupted only by the occasional chirping of birds, create a meditative atmosphere ideal for adoration and meditation.

A Farewell Breakfast

Savor the sumptuous breakfast provided at the camp before saying goodbye to the desert. Enjoy the Arabic pastries, a variety of international breakfast selections, and fruits served for breakfast. This phenomenal breakfast serves as the ideal farewell to your desert adventure.

A transformational Journey

sandboarding in desert Experience the thrill of desert life and the serene atmosphere.

You take more than just memories of splendor and adventure when you leave the desert. The Abu Dhabi dunes excursion is more of a transformation trip that deepens your understanding of the natural and cultural legacy of the UAE. The experience will remain in your heart and spirit long after leaving the hillocks and golden sands.


The Abu Dhabi dunes excursion is not only a mere adventure but a journey into the heart of the hillock. It's an exploration of nature's artistic qualities, an immersion into the Emirati culture, and a connection to the universe. This tour provides a deep understanding of the desert's grandeur and allure. Some of the memorable experiences include magnificent sunrises and sunsets, stargazing, dune bashing, relaxing in the serene landscape, and cultural immersion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An Abu Dhabi dunes tour is an adventure into the heart of the desert, where there are a plethora of exhilarating activities like dune bashing, cultural experiences, stargazing, and desert camping in Bedouin tents.

Absolutely! Dune bashing is generally safe for all participants. Tour operators provide experienced drivers and well-maintained vehicles to ensure safety. The vehicles have safety belts and roll cages well installed, and the drivers are familiar with the dunes for easy navigation.

The perfect time to go for a dune tour is during the cooler months, from October to April. The tours vary depending on the tour operators and the package, but they normally last for 4 to 8 hours. Some packages include overnight camping for a more immersive experience.

Yes! Dune tours are family-friendly, with most tour operators offering child-friendly packages with activities like camel riding and sand play. Although there is no strict age restriction, it is important to confirm with your tour provider if the package is family-friendly.

Put on light and comfy clothing appropriate for desert climate. Remember to apply sunscreen and put on sunglasses and a hat for protection from the sun. Also, carry a camera or smartphone with a good camera to capture the breathtaking desert landscapes and any personal items you may require for the tour.

Contact Arabiers, an authorized tour operator in the UAE, for a hassle-free Abu Dhabi dune tour.