dune bashing abu dhabi

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping with Dune Bashing Abu Dhabi

Dune bashing abu dhabi
By Robeena Brown

March 12, 2023 | 13 min read

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Dune-bashing is among the most exhilarating activities available in Abu Dhabi. Most tourists who come to Abu Dhabi plan a desert safari so they can participate in the exhilarating sport of dune bashing Abu Dhabi.

What is Dune Bashing?

Visitors are taken on an adventurous journey up and down sand dunes in 4x4 cars after they have been driven through the Abu Dhabi desert. Dune bashing is a sort of off-roading that only takes place on sand dunes and entails traversing sand dunes at various speeds. The vehicle must follow the ebbs and flows of the dunes and professional safari guides are trained to maintain the vehicle’s stability while moving up and down the slope for you to experience this activity. Either a large 4X4 vehicle like the Toyota Land Cruiser or Fortuner is a basic requirement. However, to experience this thrilling and adrenaline-inducing pastime, you must exercise the greatest caution and safety. Therefore make sure to pick the best safari tour operator for your experience in Abu Dhabi.

Where You Can Experience

dune bashing abu dhabi

Dune bashing is usually included in all of our Liwa desert tours and Abu Dhabi desert tours. We don't incorporate dune bashing on any of the eco tours we provide.

Evening Desert Safari with Dune Bashing Abu Dhabi

Get an exclusive or shared pick up from Abu Dhabi city at around 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon by a well-maintained 4X4 vehicle. When you arrive at the destination, your knowledgeable driver will lead you on an incredible dune-bashing tour through Abu Dhabi's endlessly expansive desert environment at sunset. You will be given a short break after the thrilling dune-bashing experience to stretch your feet, take in the breathtaking desert sunset vistas, and of course, snap some fantastic photos for the time capsule. The evening desert safari will continue in our small desert camp, where Arabian hospitality, culture, and nature coexist harmoniously. You may gain a greater understanding of the long-standing Bedouin customs with various activities, including camel rides, henna tattoos, and Shisha smoking. Add activities like quad biking and sandboarding if you're more adrenaline junkie seeking an outlook for the built-up energy coursing through your veins.

After your excursion in the desert and your cultural experiences, settle in for a delicious BBQ meal with vegetarian and meat options and some authentically traditional entertainment like a Belly Dancing presentation and a complex Tanura performance. Finally, it's time to say your goodbyes and set off on your journey back home.

Morning Desert Safari with Dune Bashing Abu Dhabi

You are picked up from your hotel in a 4x4 Land Cruiser to begin your 4–5-hour morning desert safari and dune bashing excursion. It takes 45 minutes at most to get to the Desert from Abu Dhabi. As you arrive, you'll be surrounded by people warmly welcoming you to their humble resort with dates, sweets, and traditional Arabic coffee. And before starting your trip over the Desert, try the optional quad biking (just make sure to let the coffee settle in first!). Go dune bashing for 35 to 45 minutes in the Land Cruiser to get the adrenaline pumping. After that glorious drive, try sandboarding through the very same dunes.

Before going to the Al Khatim desert camp, don't forget to capture many pictures. You could also take a quick camel ride in the vicinity that could be repeated.

Sunrise Desert Safari with Dune Bashing Abu Dhabi

An exhilarating dune bashing in a sunrise desert safari awaits you as you awaken in anticipation of a breathtaking sunrise panorama. Our tour guide will pick you up and drive you to the Desert. See the Desert's enchanted transformation into a golden location from a desolate, sleepy area.

Overnight Desert Safari with Dune Bashing Abu Dhabi

As you go in a 4x4 vehicle from your accommodation to the center of the Desert, start the evening by taking in the shifting environment. Dune bashing is an exhilarating way to ride the golden sand dunes. The off-roading experience in the overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi is one of the main highlights. It is sometimes called the "roller coaster of the desert" due to unexpected bumps and dips. After a short distance, the road leads to a camel farm where the animals interact with their keepers and go about their regular activities. After that, we'll stop to view the desert sunset from a dune summit. Photos of the magnificent sight created by the sky's stunning hues and the Desert's golden sand should be taken. Try your hand at sand skiing close to the campsite for an exciting experience skiing down the dunes.

Empty Quarter Liwa Overnight with Dune Bashing Abu Dhabi

A trip to the UAE is never complete without stopping in the Liwa desert and enjoying the silence of the continuous mass of sand dunes with a Liwa Overnight camping experience. If you want to experience the Desert fully, go camping at Liwa. Liwa is a small oasis close to the city, but far enough away to let you relax, tune out the noise, and connect with the spirit of the Desert. You will learn about the various personalities of the Liwa desert throughout your overnight stay there, and you will become more accepting of change as a result. The drive from your hotel through the peaceful highways to the Abu Dhabi desert in a comfortable 4x4 signifies the beginning of your Liwa desert safari tour. You can see the transition from an urban jungle to a bronze sand paradise in the landscape.

You will experience an exhilarating dune bashing adventure that will send your excitement levels through the roof. The drive will continue until you reach the spot where you'll pitch your tent. A mouthwatering BBQ dinner will be set up, and your guide will set up the tent, firewood, etc. When you eat and converse with your companions, take in the glittering stars and fall asleep to the caress of the subtle desert air. When you first wake up, reenergize with a hot cup of Arabic coffee before breakfast. After that, you will be dropped off at your hotel in the city. You will have a lot of wonderful desert memories after your Liwa Overnight Desert Safari.

Top Tips for Enjoying the Dune Bashing in Abu Dhabi

dune bashing abu dhabi

This is fantastic advice from Arabiers Guides for first-time guests who are doing dune bashing.

  1. If you plan to do an Abu Dhabi desert tour that includes dune-bashing, be sure to eat three to four hours before the excursion and to avoid eating anything that might make you feel nauseous.
  2. Only ride in a safari vehicle driven by a qualified professional, as dunes require specialized knowledge and safety is crucial.
  3. Dress in simple, comfy clothing.
  4. Children under the age of four are not permitted to go dune bashing, so plan your trip accordingly.
  5. If you experience any discomfort, immediately stop the ride.
  6. Opt for sandals or slippers instead of shoes because sand will inevitably creep inside of them.

When to Go Dune Bashing Abu Dhabi

Dubai experiences only two seasons a year, summer and winter, with only 23 days of rain over the entire year. The city's winter season runs from November to May, and its summer season is at its peak from June to September. Nonetheless, the summer is when the city experiences the most activity, with temperatures in summer reaching highs of 41C (106 F) and 31 C (88 F) throughout the day in winters. The best time to visit Dubai and see the city is during the winter season when the weather is normally pleasant.

Due to the dryness of the desert sands and the fact that moisture takes longer to heat than air, the desert heats up early in the morning but quickly cools off in the late afternoon. This is why we often don't run morning tours and only offer our desert safaris in Abu Dhabi in the late afternoon and evenings during the summer.

The desert has extremely dry air with very little humidity. The most important greenhouse gas for regulating the earth's temperature is water vapor. The desert is up to 7 degrees Celsius colder at night than the coast because there is so little water in the desert, where the ground doesn't hold heat.

Other Things to Do in Desert

dune bashing abu dhabi

Here are some other things you can enjoy in the Abu Dhabi Desert apart from dune bashing:

Quad Biking

Quad bikes are vehicles that guarantee adrenaline and adventure. These all-terrain bikes are at home on the Abu Dhabi sand dunes. They offer a roller coaster as they reach the heights and jet down the slopes, sending your heart into overdrive. Even inexperienced riders may easily manage the sand dunes with the Quad Bikes' simple controls. Each ride is going to be overseen by qualified instructors who will lead the way through the trails and make sure everyone is safe. The quad bike is surely not for the faint of heart; its strength may be overpowering and provides a true sense of adventure.

Dune Buggy Driving Abu Dhabi

You desire to take your loved one along on an adventurous experience. If so, the Dune Buggy is your best option. The huge and tough Abu Dhabi Dune Buggy is an open-air 4X4 vehicle with room for up to 4 passengers and a driver. With your friends and family by your side, you can count on a ride in this to be exciting and leave you shouting with happiness. Very tall sand dunes can be crossed during dune bashing. Even better, take a brief break at the tops of the dunes to take in the breathtaking views of the desert. In order to provide you with the best adventure ride of your life, the Dune Buggy is operated by skilled drivers that are familiar with the terrain.

Fat Bike Riding

Fat biking is a thrilling adventure sport that involves riding a bicycle with huge tires. The rider gets the ultimate rush from crossing uncharted ground thanks to the Fat bikes' build for travel over sand and snow and is undoubtedly the vehicle of choice for riding through Abu Dhabi's sand-covered deserts. Every biker faces an endurance struggle due to the vastness and continuity of the desert. Not anymore! These riding expeditions are carried out by professionals who are experts on the region and therefore can show you a different side of the desert.

Sand Boarding

For an action-packed day in the Desert, you only need the heat, sand, and your sense of fun. The enormous sand dunes are the ideal location for a fun day out. Snowboarding in the Desert is known as "sand boarding," which translates into quickly riding a board down the peaks of sand dunes rather than the better-known snow hills. These sandboards help attain speed safely while also having an exhilarating experience which is possible due to their well-designed shape. Sandboarding is a special activity that can only be done on the biggest dunes in the Abu Dhabi Desert.