Is Dubai Visa on Arrival free for Indians?

Can Indians Get Free Visa for Dubai?

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November 06, 2023 | 13 min read

The answer is simple "No". However, there's good news for certain Indian nationals: a 14-day Dubai visa on arrival is available, but it is a paid option and comes with specific conditions. For other Indian travelers who plan to visit Dubai, regardless of where they reside, the recommended route is to apply for a prepaid Dubai/UAE visit visa.

The eligibility criteria for a Dubai on arrival visa for Indian passport are mentioned below:

  • If you hold a valid US visa,
  • If you possess a valid green card issued by the USA,
  • If you have a valid Schengen or EU residence visa,
  • If you hold a valid UK residence visa,
  • Make sure that your US, UK, or EU visa has a minimum of 6 months of remaining validity.

If an Indian passport holder satisfies these criteria, they are eligible to apply for a Dubai on arrival visa for Indian, which allows a 14-day stay. The Dubai on arrival visa for Indian cost is approximately 120 AED, which is subject to possible changes. You can also apply for an extension, which gives you an additional 14-day stay, for a fee of around 250 AED, also subject to potential changes.

Dubai visa on arrival for Indians explain

It's important for Indian travelers planning a visit to Dubai to know that there is an option for visa on arrival in Dubai for Indian citizens allowing a brief stay of up to 14 days. However, this convenient option comes with specific eligibility conditions. Indian travelers must hold valid UK, EU residence visas, or US green cards that are valid for at least six months from their date of arrival.

The Dubai visa on arrival for Indian passport with US visa or UK/EU visa will be stamped at the Immigration counter, simplifying the process. It's worth noting that this Dubai visa-on-arrival privilege is exclusively offered to citizens from certain countries. Recent reports have highlighted instances where Indian travelers faced challenges securing their visas upon arrival, resulting in significant financial losses, canceled plans, and disrupted accommodations. To ensure a smooth journey, it's strongly advised to familiarize yourself with the process of Dubai visa on arrival for Indian passport and eligibility criteria for Indian travelers.

Steps to get Dubai on arrival visa for Indian

Step 1

If you meet the criteria for a Dubai visa on arrival as mentioned above, all you need to do is reach out to Arabiers' visa consultants to secure your on-arrival visa.


At the airport, start by checking in at the counter in person. The airline staff will snap a photo of your valid residence permit (US, UK, or EU) or green card and send it to the embassy for verification. This step ensures you receive your visa upon arrival in Dubai. The Dubai embassy will review and approve your visa's validity, a process that typically takes about 10 minutes. After approval, you will receive your boarding pass from the airline staff. Once you've landed in Dubai and exited your flight, make your way to the Marhaba Services stall at the airport. Here, you can purchase your Dubai visa on arrival for Indian travelers.

Step 2

To secure your visa on arrival Dubai for Indian passport, you will need to undergo a simple biometric procedure and make your payment. At the counter, the staff will snap pictures of your passport, visa, and boarding pass to verify your documents. You can settle the Dubai visa on arrival fees for Indian, which is approximately 120 AED, using your card or AED currency. Once these steps are completed, you'll be all set with your visa on arrival Dubai for Indian passport.

Step 3

Next, you should proceed to the immigration counter with your receipt in hand. At this point, the immigration officer will review your visa on arrival printout, and, finally, they will request your passport and stamp your Dubai visa on arrival for Indian.

Note: It is advisable to get a proper understanding of the process or get a consultation to see how well you meet the criteria and apply only if you meet all the necessary criteria.

What If I Am Not Eligible For A Dubai visa on arrival for Indian?

Is Dubai Visa on Arrival free for Indians?

In that case, you should consider obtaining a prepaid visit visa for Dubai, which offers various choices for Indian travelers.

Types of Dubai Visa for Indians

30 Day single entry

The 30-day Dubai visa for Indians is a single-entry visa that permits entry from India to Dubai for a maximum stay of 30 days. The visa clearly states the entry and exit dates. It's important to note that there is no grace period, so you must either extend the visa or leave the country before it expires. You have the option to renew this visa twice, each time for an additional 30 days.

30-day multiple-entry

The 30-day Dubai visa for Indian nationals offers multiple entries, allowing you to enter and exit the UAE as many times as you wish within its validity period, which begins on the date of entry. If your visa is nearing expiration and you're in Dubai, and you'd like to prolong your stay, you can apply for an extension. This extension provides an additional 30 days, and you can do this twice, granting you the option for two extensions. It's important to note that the extension won't revert to multiple-entry; instead, it remains a single-entry extension.

60-day single entry

The 60-day single-entry Dubai visa for Indian travelers permits a 60-day stay in Dubai, with entry and exit dates clearly indicated on the visa. This visa is well-suited for those looking to visit friends or family or embark on a vacation in Dubai. Like the previous category, this visa does not come with a grace period. You have the option to request an extension for this visa twice before its expiration.

60-day multiple entry

The 60-day Dubai visa for Indian travelers offers a 60-day validity, during which you can freely enter and exit the country as many times as you like, starting from your date of entry. This visa is an excellent choice for business travelers who occasionally make trips from India to Dubai. Unlike some other visas, there's no grace period after this one expires. However, you have the option to extend it twice before it expires, each time granting an additional 30 days of straight stay.

Dubai Visa Documents Requirements for Indian Passport

The documents needed for an Indian applying for a Dubai visa include:/p>

  • A single color photograph.
  • A passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity.

Please note that the visa processing typically takes around 3-4 working days.

Easy steps to get Dubai visit visa for your Indian passport

  • 01   Message us on WhatsApp.
  • 02   Receive a swift response.
  • 03   Share a photo of your passport and a picture of yourself
  • 04   Obtain your Dubai visa in just 24-48 hours!

If you are in a rush to secure your Dubai visit visa, you can opt for Arabiers Express visa services, which delivers your Dubai visa in 4-6 hours.


The 14-day Dubai visa on arrival for Indian is a single-entry visa, allowing a single entry to Dubai. This visa is valid for 14 days from the date of issue. Please note that not departing the country or extending the visa before its expiry date will result in fines.

Yes, you can extend your visa once for an additional 14 days, but not beyond that. To extend the Dubai on-arrival visa for an Indian, a fee of 250 AED is required (approximately).

When obtaining the Visa On Arrival (VOA), you do not pay the Dubai visa cost from India. Instead, you must pay the Dubai visa fee upon your arrival in Dubai.

Absolutely. If you meet all the requirements, you can obtain a visa on arrival at any time. The staff operates around the clock, making it possible to secure your on-arrival visa even if you arrive late at night.

No, it's not. Indian nationals must possess a valid visa to enter Dubai.

No, it's not. Unfortunately, you will be required to pay a visa fee to receive your Visa On Arrival.

Yes, Indian citizens can obtain a visa on arrival in the UAE from India, but it's crucial to meet the specific requirements for applying for a Dubai Visa.