Can I Cancel My Visit Visa to UAE?

Cancel My Visit Visa to UAE
Cancel My Visit Visa to UAE
By Robeena Brown

September 27, 2022 | 13 min read

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It is possible to cancel your UAE prepaid visit visa, which costs approximately AED 150. This can be done by contacting a travel firm like Arabiers or the government agency through which you applied for the visa. For the cancellation to be successful, the sponsor needs to approve it. After it has been approved, your visa will be cancelled, but you won't receive a refund.
Cancel My Visit Visa to UAE

Reasons to Cancel Visit Visa

To cancel your tourist/visit visa, your sponsor must request that it be cancelled and pay the cancellation fee. A few of the reasons you might need to cancel a UAE tourist, visit, or leisure visa are:

  1. You realize that you need to stay longer than the duration of the visit visa you applied for.
  2. Your company or spouse/family is applying for a resident permit for you (In this situation, it becomes mandatory to cancel the visit or tourist visa by paying the fee or else your residence permit can get rejected.)

Cancel Visa Inside or Outside UAE

Inside UAE:

If you have already entered the UAE with your tourist visa and are seeking employment here, you need to cancel your UAE tourist/visit visa and convert it into a residency visa. Since you have already utilized certain days of the visa, you will have to proceed with a status change from your tourist/visit visa to an employment/residency visa. This can be done while you are inside the country without the need to exit UAE.

Outside UAE

Individuals outside of the UAE don't need to apply for a visa change. Instead, they have to contact their visa provider, like Arabiers, to contact the sponsor to approve the visa cancellation.

Documents Required for Cancellation

To proceed with a visa cancellation, the following documents are required:

  • Applicant’s original passport
  • Sponsor’s original Emirati Identity Card
  • Fully-filled cancellation form with sponsor's signature

In-country Visa change

Cancel My Visit Visa to UAE

The UAE inside-country visa change without exit is one of the most convenient visa change or renewal options available for individuals in the UAE. If you wish to perform a status change, an inside-country visa with a status change option will suit you.

In-Country Visa Change Rates

You can also get travel insurance if you travel to the UAE on a visit visa. Here's how much it costs:

Visa Type Cost
30 Days Single entry & change status 1390 AED
90 Days Single entry & change status 1690 AED
90 Days multi-entry & change status 3550 AED

How do I check if my UAE visa is Canceled or not?

To confirm if your visa has been canceled you can follow these steps:

  • 01   Visit the ICA website
  • 02   Click on the ‘Passport information’ button.
  • 03   Click on your visa type
  • 04   Fill up your passport expiry date and passport number.
  • 05  

    Select your nationality from the drop-down menu on the right. Upon doing so a matching number will appear on the left-hand side box.

  • 06  

    Complete the Captcha verification and clic on the ‘search’ button. The results page will display your visa information and the visa expiry date.

Copy of the visa cancellation in UAE

You can approach the immigration authorities for it in person or receive it through your employer or service provider. Even though it's not necessary to process a new visa, your new employer might ask for this cancellation paper to process your visa.