camping in Liwa

Camping in the Liwa: A Night Under the Arabian Sky

camping in Liwa
By Robeena Brown

Spetember 28, 2023 | 13 min read

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The Liwa Desert, with its enormous expanse of towering dunes and infinite horizons, offers an opportunity for travelers searching for a genuine Arabian experience.

The best way to truly experience what the Liwa desert offers is to embark on a liwa desert camp combined with camping in the middle of this otherworldly landscape. This will not only give you a night under the stars, but it will also give you a deep relationship with nature and the rich cultural history of this region.

Embracing Nature's Symphony

When the sun goes down behind the horizon, the Liwa Desert becomes a place where peace and quiet reign supreme. The winds pass through the dunes, carrying the stories of long-ago eras with them as they do so.

The golden, velvety sands cling to the day's warmth and invite you to make yourself comfortable for a delightful night.

The Essentials of Liwa Desert Camping

1. Choosing the Right Campsite

Having a fantastic time camping requires careful consideration while deciding where to camp. Find a spot far from the beaten paths where you can relax in peace in the quiet of the desert.

You should not pitch your tent around mud floors because scorpions, ants, and other insects live in the desert. You should set up your tent on flat, hole- and rock-free ground to keep it from getting wet.

2. Setting Up Your Camp

Setting up a desert tent calls for more planning and preparation. Make sure your tent is firmly planted on the sand, and carry some sturdy stakes to give it even more support.

Tents should be erected at a safe distance from fuel depots, fuel storage tanks, generators, and electrical poles, and they should be located a good distance away from cooking stations or areas where wood is burned.

In addition, you need to set up the tent securely so that it does not blow away in the case of high winds, and the ropes need to be kept at a safe length that will not cause people to trip and fall over them.

3. Essential Gear

Pack light, but make sure you have everything you need. You should have on your packing list, in addition to your tent, a hospitable sleeping bag, a dependable light source, and some essential cooking tools.

4. Food and Water

When preparing food to eat while camping, you should stock up on prepared meals and non-perishable foods. Ensure you pack enough water to keep yourself hydrated, particularly in the dry environment of the desert.

If you plan to pack perishable items such as meat or dairy, you must ensure they are stored at the appropriate temperature; otherwise, they will get spoiled.

5. Safety Measures

Learn the basics of desert safety, such as how to move around dunes and what to do in an emergency.

Exercise caution When lifting rocks because you never know what dangerous animals or insects might be hiding nearby.

Similarly, avoid pouring water into small holes, as this can drive out scorpions and other poisonous insects.

The Magic of Sunset

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Get ready to be amazed by the beautiful Liwa sunset as the day winds down. The sky is painted in a stunning gold, pink, and purple display as the sun sets. This is a time to savor, as the desert says good night to another day.

Stargazing: A Cosmic Connection

Considering there is very little light pollution in the Liwa Desert, visitors can enjoy unparalleled night sky visibility. Recline on the ground and become lost in the countless stars illuminating the night sky.

In addition to providing a view into the depths of the cosmos, the stories within the constellations tell of ancient civilizations.

Bonfire Tales and Bedouin Traditions

A bonfire is a vital aspect of any successful desert camping experience. Gather around it's comforting light trade tales and immerse yourself in the diverse Bedouin customs handed down through the years.

Wildlife Encounters

Although it may look lifeless, the desert has many living things. Be on the lookout for desert foxes, gazelles, and a wide variety of bird species; they all make their homes in this harsh environment.

The Morning Mirage

The Liwa Desert changes significantly as soon as the sun rises. The dunes, which were before obscured by shadows, shine brightly in the gentle light of day.

Taking in the splendor of the desert in a new and distinct light during a morning stroll is just the thing to do now.

Preserving the Desert Ecosystem

The utmost importance is placed on showing respect for the environment. Your presence should not be detected in any way, and you should appropriately dispose of trash. You can protect this delicate ecosystem by avoiding making too much noise and moving around as little as possible.

It is essential to preserve desert ecosystems to keep the natural resources equilibrium and safeguard the plants and animals that have adapted to live in such severe conditions.


A unique adventure awaits those who choose to pitch their tents in the middle of the Liwa Desert. It is an opportunity to connect with nature, immerse oneself in the region's cultural tapestry, and observe the majesty of the desert at its most personal moments. All of these things may be done at the same time.

Know that the memories of your night spent under the Arabian sky will forever retain a particular place in your heart, even as you pack up your campsite and say goodbye to the dunes.