Sri Lanka Travel Visa for UAE Residents

Update - 04th June, 2024

Many UAE residents ask us, can we getting on arrival free visa for Sri Lanka like we get it in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Maldives or Armenia using our UAE residency? The answer is no. Sri Lanka still not yet giving on arrival free visa to UAE residents, you need to obtain a valid visa to visit Sri Lanka. In this guide we have summarize the Sri Lanka travel visa process, eligibility, rates, documents required & more.

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Visa Options

The requirement for Sri Lanka travel visa when visiting the country for tourism purposes depends on your nationality. To address the nationality wise requirement, we have categorized the countries into 3:

  1. Visa exempted countries
  2. Sri Lanka e travel visa
  3. Sri Lanka embassy or consulate travel visa

Visa exempted countries

If you are citizen from the countries below, you can fly from UAE to Sri Lanka without any visa arrangement.

All you need is to carry your ordinary passport or if you are a diplomat carry Diplomatic & Official passports. At the point of entry to Sri Lanka you will be issued with visa for free.

  • Czech Republic
  • Maldives
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Seychelles

Sri Lanka e travel visa

Most nationalities are eligible for Sri Lanka e travel visa expect for nationals who must apply the visa at Sri Lankan embassy.

There are two ways you can obtain the Sri Lanka e-visa. The first option is where you travel without a visa from UAE and upon arrival you queue at the Colombo international airport to apply.

There are two ways you can obtain the Sri Lanka e-visa. The first option is where you travel without a visa from UAE and upon arrival you queue at the Colombo international airport to apply.

The second option is you apply for the e-visa online. It is the best option because you will have the before arrival and that airport you show the immigration officer and you are allowed to enter into the country.

You can contact us to apply for the Sri Lanka e-visa online. You will send us all required documents and apply it on your behalf. We have office in Sri Lanka and out team will ensure you get your visa on time.

These are countries legible for Sri Lanka e-visa:

Albania Antigua and Barbuda Austria
Barbados Bermuda Brunei Darussalam
Canada Chile Costa Rica
Denmark El Salvador Faroe Islands
Georgia Guadeloupe Honduras
Indonesia Italy Kiribati
Latvia Lithuania Malawi
Mauritania Moldova Mozambique
Netherlands Niue Panama
Poland Romania Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Senegal Somalia Swaziland
Tanzania Tonga Turks and Caicos Islands
United States Vietnam Algeria
Argentina Azerbaijan Belarus
Bolivia Bulgaria Cape Verde
China Croatia Djibouti
Equatorial Guinea Fiji Germany
Guam Hong Kong Iran
Jamaica Korea Lebanon
Luxembourg Malaysia Mauritius
Monaco Myanmar New Caledonia
Norfolk Island Papua New Guinea Portugal
Russia Samoa Serbia
South Africa Sweden Thailand
Trinidad and Tobago Tuvalu Uruguay
Andorra Armenia Bahamas
Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Burkina Faso
Cayman Islands Colombia Cuba
Dominica Eritrea Finland
Greece Guatemala Hungary
Iraq Japan Kuwait
Lesotho Macao Malta
Mayotte Mongolia Namibia
New Zealand Norway Paraguay
Puerto Rico Rwanda San Marino
Slovakia South Sudan Switzerland
Timor-Leste Tunisia Ukraine
Uzbekistan Zambia Angola
Aruba Bahrain Belize
Botswana Burundi Central African Republic
Comoros Cyprus Dominican Republic
Estonia France Greenland
Guyana Iceland Ireland
Jordan Kyrgyzstan Libya
Macedonia Marshall Islands Mexico
Montenegro Nauru Nicaragua
Oman Peru Qatar
Saint Kitts and Nevis São Tomé and Príncipe Slovenia
Spain Taiwan Togo
Turkey United Arab Emirates Vanuatu
Zimbabwe Anguilla Australia
Bangladesh Benin Brazil
Cambodia Chad Cook Islands
Czech Republic Ecuador Ethiopia
Gambia Grenada Haiti
India Israel Kazakhstan
Laos Liechtenstein Madagascar
Martinique Micronesia Morocco
Nepal Niger Palau
Philippines Reunion Saint Lucia
Saudi Arabia Solomon Islands Suriname
Tajikistan Tokelau Turkmenistan
United Kingdom Venezuela

Sri Lanka embassy or consulate travel visa

If you are citizen in this third category of countries Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Syria and North Korea, you have to apply for Sri Lanka travel visa through the Sri Lankan embassy or through the Department of Immigration & Emigration.

For assistance applying the visa you can contact our Dubai or Colombo office for the assistance.

Eligibility for a Sri Lanka e-travel Visa

Eligibility for a Sri Lanka e-travel Visa

1. From eligible country

You should be a passport holder from country eligible for e-Travel visa for Sri Lanka Visa. You can check countries eligible above.

2. Valid Passport

Your passport remaining validity period should be at least six months from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka.

3. Travel Documents

Some of the must have travel documents are:

  • Have a round trip flick ticket (from UAE to Sri Lanka to UAE)
  • Prof you have enough money to cover your expenses when staying in Sri Lanka like your bank statement.

4. Application Requirements

When applying for the e-visa visa to Sri Lanka here are the must have documents:

  • Recent passport-sized photograph
  • Clear color passport copy

5. Health Requirements

You will need to present fever vaccination certificate at the immigration desk when entering Sri Lanka to comply with international health regulations if you are national from below countries.

Angola, Argentina, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, French Guiana, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Rwanda, Sao Tome And Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Venezuela, Zaire

Visa application Process

Here is the step by step process of Sri Lanka e travel visa & Sri Lanka embassy or consulate travel visa application.

Sri Lanka e travel visa application process

You can obtain the Sri Lanka e travel visa following these steps:

  • 01   Contact us
  • 02   Prepare the documents
  • 03   Send us the documents
  • 04   Pay us the visa fee
  • 05   Get your e- visa
  • 06   Book your flights and hotel
  • 07   Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka consulate travel visa process

Below are the steps to follow if are a passport holder from country which must visit Sri Lanka embassy or consulate to apply for the Sri Lanka visa.

  • 01   Contact us
  • 02   Submit UAE residence visa and all required documents
  • 03   Apply for Police Clearance report in UAE or we will apply it for you.
  • 04   We will prepare Affidavit
  • 05   Prepare hotel booking documents
  • 06   Pay us the visa fee
  • 07   Get your visa
  • 07   Book your flights and hotel
  • 07   Visit Sri Lanka

Essential Documents

The documents you need when applying for Sri Lanka travel visa depends if you are applying for e-visa or consulate travel visa.

Documents required when applying for Sri Lanka e travel visa

When submitting application for Sri Lanka e-travel visa you are required to submit copy of your passport and your recent colored photo. After you have received your e-visa to Sri Lanka via email you print.

Other documents which you should have before travelling to Sri Lanka are, return flight ticket from UAE, hotel booking documents and yellow fever certificate if you are national from country required to have the certificate.

Sometime immigration officers up on arrival may ask your arrival card which you can fill online or on arrival

Documents required when applying for Consulate travel visa

If you are a national from country required to apply the Sri Lanka visa at the consulate or embassy here are the documents you will be required to submit.

  • Scan of your valid passport for at 6 month
  • Your recent photo passport size
  • Police Clearance report in UAE
  • Certificate from a Sri Lankan guarantor & a photocopy of the guarantors NIC
  • Affidavit from a Sri Lankan JP (Justice of Peace) or a Lawyer
  • Original Hotel Booking documents

When travelling to Sri Lanka you will to have these documents:

  1. Copy of your consulate Sri Lanka visa
  2. Return flight ticket from UAE

Visa Fees for different options

Category Entry Validity Visa fees Extension
Standard travel Visitor Visa Double 6 months with 60 days stay limit 80-110 USD You cannot extend
Single Entry travel visa for 30 days Single 30 days from date of entry 60-70 USD You cannot extend
1 Year Multiple Entry travel visa Multiple 1 year with 90 days stay limit 200-240 USD You cannot extend
2 Years Multiple Entry travel visa Multiple 2 years with 180 days stay limit 300-340 USD You cannot extend
5 Years Multiple Entry travel visa Multiple 5 years with 180 days stay limit 500-550 USD You cannot extend
10 Years Multiple Entry travel visa Multiple 10 years with 180 days stay limit 1000-1100 USD You cannot extend

All travel visa categories fees mentioned here include all visa charges, service fee, immigration support & payment gateway fee, taxes and other transaction fees

Processing Time

After submitting your Sri Lanka e-travel visa online they embassy takes few hours to process and make a decision. However, if it is peak season and the embassy is processing a lot of application it can take up to 3 working days.

The embassy processing time for the Consulate travel visa is up to 7 working days. You should submit the visa on time because there is time to prepare all required documents and visiting embassy.

Visa Application Issues and Solutions

You might encounter some issues when applying for Sari Lanka visa especially the e-visa. Here are some of the most common issues and solution.

Website issues

When applying the Sri Lanka e-travel visa you may encounter the website downtimes or glitches.

The solution is to try and access the website off peak hours. You should also check your internet is stable, try to clear browser cookies and also try different browser.

Payment Issues

Payment failure is a common issue when applying for Sri Lanka e-visa. The best method to make the payment is to use MasterCard of American express card.

Processing Delays

You submit your e-visa application and don’t get feedback on time. The solution is to apply the visa in advance before you travel date to Sri Lanka.

You can also follow up your application by contacting Sri Lanka embassy using contact details on the e-visa website.

Visa denial due to Previous Overstay

If you had overstayed your visa in Sri Lanka chances are when you apply the visa online it will be rejected.

The solution is to submit your visa application at the Sri Lanka embassy or consulate where you will explain why you overstayed.

Must-See Destinations and Activities in Sri Lanka

As you plan where and what activities you will do when you get to Sri Lanka, here we have suggestion of places to visit and activities to do for an amazing experience.

1. Visit Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

One of the places which you should include in your itinerary when visiting Sri Lanka is a visit to Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. It is one for the most visited sites by tourist and important temple for Buddhist faith.

The temple is also an iconic landmark in Sri Lanka and tooth of the Buddha relic makes the temple stand out and attractive to tourists.

2. Adam’s Peak

You can’t miss to include a visit to Adam peak in your bucket list of things to do in Sri Lanka. The peak stands 7,359 feet above sea level.

This peak is famous pilgrimage sites in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans believe it is scared. From the top of the peak you can enjoy stunning views and natural elegance.

3. Sigiriya

Sigiriya which is located in Central prove is an historical place to visit and see the ruins of palace. Many tourist visit this place every year as it serves among the historical sites in Sri Lanka.

You will also get to see an ancient rock fortress which as serving as the kingdom of King Kashyapa (AD 477-495).

You can enjoy various outdoor activities in Sigiriya such as hiking, explrong the villages, climbing, visiting Dambulla Cave Temple and so much more.

4. Mirissa Beach

If you love beach then you should include exploring the Mirissa Beach on list of things to do in Sri Lanka. It is perfect spot to go if you are on vacation or holiday visit in Sri Lanka.

When you get to the beach you can choose relax at the beach with your towel or try water sport activities such as surfing, or snorkeling. The best part of surfing is the west part because the waves are large and it is less crowded.

Also if snorkeling or scuba diving is your activity best place for that activity is Parrot Rock and you will get to see different colorful fish.

5. Yala National Park

You can embark on a jungle Safi in Sri Lanka where you will be touring Yala National park. When exploring the park you will get to see wildlife in their habitant. You can take as many photos as you can.

The park sits on about 979 square kilometers so there will be so much to cover. Some of the wild animals you will get to spot are elephants, crocodiles, leopards, etc. There are also over 200 distinct bird species in the park.

6. Sri Lanka National Museum

You can learn Sri Lanka rich history when you visit the national museum. The museum was established in 1877 and there are several collections which are exhibits detailing the country cultural heritage.

There are also artefacts preserved in the museum of various religion monarchs such as money, crafts, weapons, jeweler, etc.

7. Whale Watching

You can visit Trincomalee or Mirissa for whale watching. It is a fun activity to do if you are visiting Sri Lanka with your family. You can also get to spot dolphin.

You will get to spot blue whales in the ocean as they splash and dive in the water. It is important to know not every country you can get have opportunity to watch whale as they swim.

8. Visit Nine Arch Bridge in Ella

You cannot leave out visiting Nine Arch Bridge on best things to do in Sri Lanka. The bridge is located in Ella which is a small village. It was built by British and it has nine arches which make it famous.

Tourist love to ride train and pass through this bridge where they peak outside the windows to see enjoy views from the bridge.

6 trains pass through the bridge everyday therefore you cannot miss a train ride. When you get to this bridge you can also take photos through the train windows.

9. Water Rafting in Kitugala

If you love thrilling watersport activities then you can visit Kitugala and try water rafting experience. You will be paddling through river Kelani River.

Even if you are a beginner this is the best place to learn rafting. It is an adventurous activity you should try out.

10. Hot Air Balloning at Kandalama

If you are not afraid of heights you can try this experience. It is a thrilling experience where you fly in hot air balloon as you enjoy different views. You can also take photos while up there.

It is a safe activity to try; you will be briefed by pilot before takeoff. While up there you can several historical site and landmarks and also get to see sunset.

Major flights operating from UAE to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Visa

When you are booking your flight to Sri Lanka here are the best airlines you can check out.

Airport Code = Algiers - ALG, Dubai-DXB

Cheapest direct flight price from Algiers, Algeria: Algerian Dinar 59423.93 (AED 1552 )

Cheapest return ticket price : Algerian Dinar 30516.36 (AED 797)

National Carriers

1. Sri Lankan Airline

Sri Lankan Airline

SriLankan Airlines is Sri Lanka national carrier. The airline was founded in 1979 and it has its headquarters in Colombo. It operates it main hub at Bandaranaike International Airport.

For year the airline since then it has been offering services to various part of the world. You can book your flight through this Arline to Sri Lanka and you will get high quality services during the flight.

2. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines

Emirates is among the world largest airline. The airline as founded in 1985 and it has its headquarters in Dubai. You can book a flight to Sri Lanka through the airline. Depending on your choice and budget you can book first, business or economy class.

You can visit the airline to check the flight rates. It is an ideal airline to book yourt flight to Sri Lanak. Depending on the class you choose there are different amenitie and experiences.

3. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is another UAE based airline headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The airline offers to all continents.

You can book a flight to Sri Lanka through Arline. When book you can select first, business or economy class. During the flight you will enjoy hospitality and luxury.

Budget Airlines

1. Wizz Air

Wizz air

Wizz Air is one of the airlines which cater for the budget travelers. The airliner is based in Hungary and you can book a flight to Sri Lanka.

The airline has modern aircrafts even though their prices are much cheaper compared to popular airlines. When you visit the airline website you can take advantages of the discounts and promotion when making the booking.

2. Flydubai

Fly Dubai

Flydubai is also a low cost airline based in Dubai, UAE and you can book your flight to Sri Lanka. Even though the airline has made travel much affordable they offer quality services. You will enjoy the flight in comfortable seat and entertained.

3. Air Arabia

Air Arabia

Air Arabia is a UAE based airline headquartered in Sharjah. The airline offers flights at competitive prices to various parts of the world.

It is easy to book a flight through the airline website. You can even select the seat and also order meals.


No, when applying for E-visa flight ticket is not a mandatory document to have. But you must obtain return back to UAE flight ticket when travelling to Sri Lanka.

You should inquire if your e-visa is valid through the Sri Lanka immigration website or select a trusted travel agency to check for you. You should be careful because there are scam agencies online providing fake visas.

It is not possible to get fresh or new e-visa while you have entered Sri Lanka no matter whether your e-visa has expired or still valid.

If your visa application is not approved, Arabiers Sri Lanka team will visit immigration office to inquire why the visa has not been issued. If in case we are unable to support, you should visit the nearest Sri Lanka embassy, consulate or Mission.

The visa fee is non-refundable and non-transferable as per Sri Lanka immigration