Dubai Visa from South Africa

Update - 09th June, 2023

Wondering how to get a Dubai Visit Visa from South Africa? You have reached the right spot. In this article, we will guide you to secure a UAE visit Visa, allowing you to travel to Dubai. Keep reading to know about the visa rates, required documents, & overall process for the visa.

The first question is: Does a South African citizen need a visa to get to Dubai? The answer is - yes. South African citizens cannot obtain an on-arrival visa to Dubai. Hence, you will have to arrange a prepaid visa before travelling to Dubai.

Cost of Dubai Visa from South Africa

30 Days single entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

2289 R

489 AED

60 Days single entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

3599.80 R

789 AED

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

4634 R

990 AED

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

5570 R

1190 AED

Types of Dubai Visa for South Africans

Here are the different types of Dubai Visa for South African passport holders that can apply for:

This tourist visa comes with a validity of 30 days, and it is a single entry visa for Dubai. It comes included with the date of entry and exit. The 30 days prepaid single entry visa for Dubai can be renewed twice for additional 30 days of stay each time.

This single entry visa has a 60-day validity that specifies your entry and exit dates. The 60 days visa is suitable for those individuals who are planning to stay in the UAE for a longer period to visit their family/friends or to attend any important event. One may also opt for this Visa for business training purposes.

Once the Visa expires, you can extend the period of your Visa or exit the country. You also get an option to extend this Visa twice.

The multiple entry tourist visa is valid for 30 days. It is inclusive of the date of entry and exit from the country. The Visa allows multiple entries to the country within 30 days. However, with this Visa, you won't get any grace period once it expires. Furthermore, you cannot extend this type of Visa either. You can opt for renewal or an in-country visa change if you want to.

This prepaid Visa allows you to enter and exit the UAE from South Africa several times during its 60 days validity period. It specifies your entry and exit dates. Tourists who want to stay within the UAE for an extended period, be it for personal reasons or business/corporate training, can ideally choose to opt for this Visa. The entry validity for this Visa is 90 days from the date it is issued to you. It doesn't have any grace period and cannot be extended. Instead, you can choose an in-country visa change or visa renewal.

Dubai Visa Documents Requirements from South Africa

The documents requirements for a Dubai visa from South Africa are standard for international travel and include the following:

  • One colour photograph
  • At Least 6 months of valid passport
  • Birth certificate of children below 18 years of age

Visa Application Process to Dubai from South Africa

Understanding the Dubai visa process for South Africans is not a difficult task. We are sharing an easy-to-follow breakdown of how to apply for a Dubai visa from South Africa:

Whatsapp us
Step 1

WhatsApp us

Dubai visa from south africa
Step 2

Get a Quick Reply

Provide us passport
Step 3

Please Provide us a picture of your passport & photo

Get your Dubai visa within 24-48 hrs
Step 4

Get your Dubai visa within 24-48 hrs

If you want this service in a quick manner ( 4-8 Hours) you can try our UAE Express visa option.

Grace period for Dubai Visa from South Africa

In a recent development, the UAE immigration has scrapped the grace period previously provided to prepaid visit visa holders, which typically lasted for 10 days. Individuals now can opt for prepaid visas with durations of either 30 or 60 days. It is crucial for visa holders to be aware that once their chosen duration expires, they must take immediate action to either extend their visa or depart the country in order to prevent penalties for overstaying or the potential consequences of absconding.

Updates - 2023

  • 23rdJanuary 2023
    Increase Costs of UAE visas, Emirates ID update The UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) has increased the prices of all services offered through the ICP by AED100. Therefore there is an increase in cost to get services such as Emirates ID, resident visas, and visit visas.
    Source: ICP UAE

Dubai Visa for South Africa Extension

After being issued with Visa to Dubai from South Africa, there is a specification on how long you will stay. After the days to stay in Dubai are over, you can extend the visa.

You can extend your visa by opting for an Airport to Airport visa change which entails booking a flight through a reputable travel firm like Arabiers and you board a flight to the nearest Middle East country like Oman. Before you return to Dubai, you will be issued a visa.

Renewal Process of Visa from South Africa to Dubai

Renewal Process of Visa from South Africa to Dubai

If you would like to stay longer in Dubai and your visa is about to expire or expire, but you have not exhausted the grace period days, you can renew your visa or opt for a visa change.

You can also opt for a visa change and get a new visa from the one you used to enter Dubai, allowing you to stay longer in Dubai. You can initiate visa renewal or change by contacting us through WhatsApp.

30 days renewal

30 Days

In country Renewal

In country Renewal

6333 R

1219 AED

60 days renewal

60 Days

In country Renewal

In country Renewal

7222 R

1390 AED

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for South Africans

When you stay behold the days specified on the visa you used to enter Dubai from South Africa and also exhaust the grace period granted to extend your visa or exit the country, you will get fined for overstaying.

The United Arab Emirates Visa authority has standardized the overstaying fines, and you will pay every day 50 AED (231.72388 SAR) for overstaying in Dubai.

If they don't do either of them, they will be considered to have overstayed their visa in the country, and they will be required to pay an overstaying fine.

Here are the full details of Dubai visa overstaying fines for South Africans:

Each Consecutive Day

261.80 R

50 AED

As Service Fees

1,308.63 - 1831.96 R

250-350 AED

Dubai Embassy in South Africa

Details of Dubai embassy in South Africa:

Website: Click here


Postal Address: PO Box 57090, ARCADIA, 0007

Street Address: 992 Arcadia Street, Arcadia, 0083, PRETORIA

Phone: 012 342 7736

Fax: 012 342 7738

Dubai Embassy in South Africa

Top South African Restaurants in Dubai

Are you missing your home's food and want to treat your taste buds to the South African delicacies in Dubai? Here are our suggestions for top South African restaurants in Dubai!

1. Tribes Carnivore:

Tribes Carnivore is located in the mall of Emirates and Dubai malls. It is a fun and casual dining restaurant that you can check out. Its menu takes inspiration from the authentic flavours of Africa, an extremely rich and diverse continent - filled with different kinds of foods that the Africans serve to their loved ones with a lot of joy.

Location : Sheikh Mohamed bin rashid Blvd Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2. KIZA Restaurant & Lounge:

KIZA restaurant & lounge is a pan-African restaurant in the UAE known for its authentic food, great hospitality, entertainment across the dining area, and much more! They have the best in class services at their venue.

Location : Ground floor, Emirates Financial Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, DIFC - Duba, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Africana Home Restaurant :

Africana Home Restaurant was UAE's first-ever African restaurant in 1993. They offer a homely experience with authentic and tasty African cuisine that gives you the perfect "home away from home" feeling!

Location : RKM Warehouse 2, Al Qouz Industrial Area 3 Backside - First Gulf Bank Metro Footbridge - next to 3dr Model - station - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

4. Afrocon Restaurant:

Known for its delightful service, Afrocan Restaurant ensures 100% customer satisfaction at its venue.

Location : 2719dstreet, Deira M Floor, Ferrari Hotel, Dubai 000000 United Arab Emirates

5. The Grand Grill & White Lounge:

Are you an interior design aficionado? You are going to adore the ambiance of the Grand Grill & White Lounge restaurant. This place offers an exclusive experience with a relaxing atmosphere in a comfortable and warm setting.

Their staff ensures that all of your needs are catered to while you chill with your delightful cocktails in their one-of-a-kind space.

Location : Al Sufouh Road Grand Habtoor Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai 213059, United Arab Emirates

How Many Hours Flight & Major Airlines Operating?

Dubai Visa from South Africa

It takes about 8 hours and 36 minutes to fly from Johannesburg to Dubai.

Aerial Distance = 6422 KM

Airport Code = Johannesburg-JNB, Dubai-DXB

Cheapest direct flight price: R 4519 (AED 982)

Cheapest return ticket price: R 6804 (AED 1479)

Major Airlines Operation:

1. Emirates:

Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is one of the two flag carriers of the UAE. It is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group - owned by the government of Dubai's Investment Corporation of Dubai. It is based out of Garhoud, Dubai.

2. Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is the flag carrier airline of the east African country Kenya. It was founded back in the late 70s, after the cessation of East African Airways was done. The head office of Kenya Airways is located in Embakasi, Nairobi. Furthermore, its hub is located at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

3. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

We all know Qatar Airways as the youngest airline serving all of the world's six continents. They are one of the fastest growing airlines that connects more than 140 destinations with their fleet of newest generation aircraft.

4. RwandAir


Rwanda's flag carrier airline - RwandAir Limited, operates domestic and international flights from all of the African corners to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia - from its main base at the Kigali International Airport situated in Kigali.

5. South African Airways

South African Airways

This is the flag carrier of South Africa and is headquartered in Airways Park at O. R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. This airline service, founded in 1934, currently serves 10 destinations in Africa.

Jobs in Dubai for South Africans

If you want to get a job in Dubai as a citizen-passport holder of South Africa, you need to meet some basic requirements that would also determine the kind of job you can do within Dubai.

1. Finance Management

Most trending jobs in the UAE come from the financial sector. There is no doubt that people are always in need of assistance in managing their finances. Hence, if you carry extensive knowledge in the field of finance, you can be a valuable asset across a variety of businesses. The job opportunities available for individuals with experience in the finance field range from the prominent positions of financial analysts to investment banking.

2. Engineering:

Are you an experienced engineer? There are thousands of engineering positions across the UAE, a highly sought-after field. Recruiters are always on the lookout for talented engineers. It doesn't matter whether you are an engineer from the electrical branch, chemical branch, mechanical branch, or something else. There is a high chance that you will be able to find a nice job in the UAE if you have the relevant training and experience.

3. Customer Care :

Good news for those people who are well-trained at dealing with customers, following up with potential leads, and building bonds! Your customer management skills will be highly useful in the UAE if you apply for a job in this field. Many business-development-related positions are open to filling and require an experienced customer relationship manager.

4. Teaching:

There is an endless demand for talented teachers, not just in the UAE - but throughout the world. There are plentiful teaching opportunities in the UAE for secondary school and ESL (English as a second language). Educational leaders and special educators carry more value during the hiring process. Those with extensive teaching experience are most likely to find a job here easily.

5. Web Development:

New-age web development skills are also quite in-demand in the UAE. If you are confident about your app building and web designing skills, you can work as a consultant or even as an in-house developer for a large corporation. To improve your job prospects, you should work on learning responsive web design, JavaScript, as well as UI/UX design.

6. Healthcare Assistant:

Aside from the demand for nurses in the healthcare industry, there is also an increase in demand for other healthcare support services like healthcare assistants. A healthcare assistant helps nurses and doctors by giving support and essential care to their patients. Those who don't have much experience in the medical field but want to start working in it can take leverage of this demand.

7. UI Designer:

Are you an experienced UI designer with years of experience or a newcomer to this field? It doesn't matter as long as you have a basic knowledge of UI design. There is a high chance that you will be able to find a well-paying job in the UAE with advanced opportunities in the role of UI designer.


Yes, you can travel to Dubai from South Africa by applying for the 30 days or 90 days prepaid visa.

There could be many reasons why your Dubai visa application got rejected. For example, If you provided an incorrect or incomplete visa application, if you are a solo woman tourist under the age of 24, you presented a damaged passport, or a certain typographical problem, to name a few.

The Cost of a Dubai visa from South Africa ranges from R1662 (AED 359) to R10422 (AED 2250), depending on your visa type.

To migrate from South Africa to Dubai, you need a Residence visa that allows you to stay and work in the UAE for longer. Before your migration, you should get your university degree, marriage certificate, and kids' birth certificate attested by the South African foreign ministry and the Dubai embassy. That would be helpful while processing your residence visa or your family visa.

No. All nationals within the UAE must get a proper work residence visa from a sponsor or a company to work in Dubai.