What to Do When Passport Expires While in Dubai as a Tourist?

What to Do when Passport Expires While in Dubai as a Tourist?

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November 22, 2023 | 13 min read

A country like the UAE attracts tourists from all over the world. Imagine you are in your dream country exploring various places and suddenly realize your passport expired a few days ago. Doubtlessly, facing it while you're enjoying your time as a tourist in Dubai can be stressful. For the safe side, It's best to always check your passport before your trip for the expiration date to avoid inconveniences. First, when you find yourself in this situation as a UAE visit visa holder, don't panic. This blog will discuss the steps and precautions to take when your passport expires in Dubai as a tourist.

Dubai Passport Expiry Rules for Tourists

Amid the thrill of experiencing this dynamic city of Dubai, it's critical to know the passport expiry rules for tourists. Understanding these rules is essential to having a pleasant and pleasurable stay in Dubai, where your passport is the key to a worry-free vacation. There are two primary vital considerations you need to be aware of to have an uninterrupted journey:

Passport Validity

Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended departure date from Dubai. This process verifies that you can meet the immigration criteria of the next place you visit. You may be restricted entry to Dubai or your next destination if your passport is not valid for at least six months.

Visa Validity

If you're traveling on a tourist visa, remember that your visa's validity can often be linked to your passport's expiration date. When your passport expires, so does your visa.

Tourists Passport expiry while in Dubai

If your passport expires while you are in Dubai, don't distress. While it may create a brief halt in your travel plans, there are actions you may take to correct the situation and resume your journey with minimal interruptions. Below are a few steps that can assist you in handling the situation of passport expiry:

  1. Proceed immediately: As soon as you realize your passport expiry, seek assistance immediately without delay, as it will lead to further complications.
  2. Get in touch with your Embassy or Consulate: The first step towards solving the problem of your passport expiry during your stay in Dubai is to contact the Dubai embassy. They will provide all the required support to sort out the passport expiry issue by proceeding with the Passport renewal process.
  3. Submitting Passport Renewal Form Next, you must fill out the passport renewal form, attaching copies of your expired passport, photo, and identification details.
  4. Payment for Passport Renewal After you have completed the passport renewal, you can complete the process by making the payment.
    Note: The passport holder's country determines the price of renewing a passport for a tourist in Dubai and the desired type of passport renewal service.
  5. Extend your Visa: Applying for an extension at the Dubai Immigration Department when your passport expires will allow you to stay in the country legally until your new passport is processed. This prevents you from falling into unnecessary trouble during your stay.
  6. Emergency Passport Services: If you have an unavoidable urgent requirement for your passport renewal, you can request an emergency passport service. This will provide you with a temporary passport similar to your original one to help you return to your home country.

Visa Concerns of a Tourist in Dubai

Visa Concerns of a Tourist in Dubai

Extending Your Visa: The new passport you get when you renew your old one will have a different passport number. To transfer your current visa to a new passport, you must get in touch with Dubai Immigration for a smooth check-in process at the airport.

Overstay Penalties: Be mindful of your return date, as it will lead to paying fines and excess penalties. The UAE Immigration authorities are very keen on this matter. Make sure you leave Dubai on time to return to Dubai anytime in the future without any trouble.

Passport renewal in UAE Don't be distressed when your passport expires while you are in the UAE

Things to consider for tourists while Staying in Dubai for Passport Renewal

Accommodation during Passport Renewal: When you have applied for passport renewal, you know that you need to stay in Dubai for a little longer than expected. Therefore, make sure you book your hotel bookings or villa bookings before the upcoming days to avoid the trouble of finding new accommodations or encountering fully booked accommodations.

Extra Budget Allocation: Your already-planned plan wouldn't be sufficient when you have applied for passport renewal. Therefore, you must arrange for extra Dirhams to spend on food, accommodation, and transport expenses.

Stay connected with Dubai Immigration: Communicating with the local authorities is vital to know the updates on your passport renewal. This helps you to plan your tour way better and also gives trust to Dubai immigration that you are trying to move this forward legally.

Prevention Tips For Tourists To Avoid Passport Expiration in Dubai

Even though there are ways to solve a tourist passport expiry issue that can be resolved during your stay in Dubai, it takes a few procedures to get a new passport. To avoid this in the future, a tourist can take the below-mentioned prevention tips:

Double-check the passport: Expiry dates before you confirm your tour date: Before you set on your tour to Dubai, make sure your passport has a minimum of 6 months left from the date of entry to avoid future inconveniences. If your passport is about to expire in less than six months, it’s wiser to avoid traveling

Purchase travel insurance wisely: Consider purchasing travel insurance that also pays for unplanned events like trip cancellation and passport renewal costs. This might offer you peace of mind and financial protection while traveling.

Passport renewal in UAE A few things to consider for tourists while Staying in Dubai for Passport Renewal

Stay updated about UAE rules and regulations: Explore more about UAE before your tour so you can study travel requirements better in advance. Visit the Official MOEC Website for complete travel details.

Keep scanned copies: Carrying your documents on paper is impractical in this era. The best choice is to store scanned copies of your passport front page, visa, and travel insurance in your phone to easily access when needed.


Encountering a passport expiry during your well-planned tour in Dubai can be a bit nerve-wracking as a tourist. But by taking the above measures mentioned in this blog, it will be easier for you to face this inconvenient situation bravely. Furthermore, you can consider the positive side of this as the additional time you have got to spend in Dubai. Engage yourself in the vibrant culture and grandeur of Dubai in this unplanned time of your tour. Last but not least, check your passport’s expiry date twice before planning your next trip to make the best of your pre-planned tour.


To enter the UAE, one must have a valid passport for at least six months after admission. Tourists traveling to the UAE are not permitted to use emergency passports.

Only those who currently hold a valid UAE residency visa or have received employment in the UAE may apply for a passport renewal when the original job offer letter with the application is submitted.

There is no way to extend a passport once it has expired; the applicant must apply for a new one. The original and a copy of your Emirates ID card are needed when applying for a passport: the family book, both the original and a fraud.

If you overstay after your grace period or the visa validity period is over, you must pay a fine of 50 AED for the first day of overstaying and 50 AED per day from the second day onwards. Additionally, when exiting UAE, you will have to pay for an exit permit of 250-350 AED.

Routine passport renewals take 7-8 weeks to process. If you want to travel in two weeks, kindly refer to Emergency Assistance. for additional details. If you're in Abu Dhabi, go to the Abu Dhabi ACS Navigator; if you're in Dubai or the Northern Emirates, go to the Dubai ACS Navigator.